Earth Colors

Another easy breezy summer-outfit-yet-perfect-for-work. It’s so darn hot but I'm not really digging the rainy season just yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love rain! If only they’d schedule their visits, maybe like, weekends perhaps? Coz its so difficult to travel to and from the office with non-stop rain. :-S

January cold breeze, I miss you!

You’re probably getting sick of my DIY’d shirts but I honestly can’t stop wearing them. They are the comfiest and the breeziest tops I have in my stash! And since I can pair them with almost everything, my options are endless. This specific top is also worn here as a cover up. And the moment it hits my wardrobe after getting washed, I took it out immediately. This time pairing it with a skirt and my cute gold flats from payless.

I played with earth colors that day coz its another ninja dressing day. You know! Those mornings when you really can’t spare a minute to try on different looks so you just have to trust your better judgment and pray to all the fashion Goddess that the pieces you just pulled out of the cabinet would look good together.

I love that I was able to create a print on print effect via my top and my bag coz I really need to spice up my look that day. I’m such in a hurry that I totally forgot to accessorize! So hindi po ako nagpapaka-minimalist, nakalimutan ko talaga ang borloloy. #memorygap

I even forgot to wear a bandeau! So forgive the little bra peek-a-boo. But looking at it now, it aint bad right? Thank goodness I invest on good undies. So girls, another fashion tip over here, invest on those teeny-weenies. Though they’re hidden, they play vital role in one’s wardrobe or wardrobe malfunction. :)

I always always get nice fitting brassieres. I make sure they cup my boobies well. And that they are really protected. I also make sure that my babies won’t say hello if I pick something on the floor. That’s very important. Coz even though you’re not the type who wears cleavage-revealing tops, they must be well protected just in case. :)

And so there you go! :) I hope you did like my #ootd. :)

Now I’m leaving you with these paparazzi photos of mine. It’ll hunt you to sleep I tell you! Nyahahaha! I find them super funny specially the photo on the right. Ang laki ng problema ko sa buhay!! @_@

Top: DIY’d Lola Shirt | Skirt: Landmark | Bag: Nine West | Flats: Payless | Nails: Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabelle | Hair: Goody Spin Pins

 Have an amazing week ahead everyone! Love lots!


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