#Shopaholic: CMG Flats


I am proud to say that I am a fan of cheap fashion. You may say whatever you want but I truly believe that dressing up need not to cost you so much. Branded clothes makes dressing up easier and maybe comfier but one must always be practical. Pag gumagastos ako ng libo-libo para sa outfit ko, baka wala ng magpakasal sa akin balang araw. Naks! Ako na babae!!!! @_@

And that’s why I love SALE!!! And who doesn’t anyway??


I was strolling at Robinson’s Ermita when the companion dragged me to CMG. Told him its gonna be a waste of time coz CMG doesn’t have size 4 or size 3 shoes (I must know!). But he pointed a pair of foldable flats with garters and my jaw dropped. Because they are not only gorgeous but they happen to be on sale as well! It’s on a buy one get one promo for Php999! Score!!!


Been scouting for the perfect foldable flats for ages now. I was so close to buying that pair on Robinson’s Ermita that costs around 2.5K because they are the comfiest one. And I really want a decent pair foldable flats because I know I can use them for travel and everything. And flats are every girl’s best friend you know. :) But my wallet is crying every time I try to bring them out to purchase those 2.5k flats. Parang umiikot ang simura ko. Hindi kaya ng damdamin ko!!!

And so imagine my happiness when I found this CMG Foldable flats!!! They are so comfy and very sturdy. The soles are sewed into the flats so I know that they are very matibay! They have it in the loveliest colors but the companion wanted the red one for me. I think I am going back there sometime soon to get the other colors as well. I am so hoarding them!!!


And as for my plus one, the companion pointed this cutie nude flats. I was eyeing the stilettos but he talked me out of it. Hindi daw maganda. Eh sya na! Sya na may say sa shopping ko!

But anyway, shopping with a guy seemed sensible enough though. Us girls wants cute and pretty, them guys wants gorgeousness. And you know me, I go for gorgeousness every time.


This pair is kinda big on me. It’s a size 5 anyway! But the sales lady says this design is kinda small and perfect for girls with narrow/thin feet like me. I’m so glad it fits. :) They are so comfy as well and I feel like I’m wearing a stuff toy on my feet. I love them. And the design is perfect for work and casual days. And you know me, I want my pieces to be worn everywhere.


The companion seemed to have an eye for shopping. He’s living up to his purpose in life and I am kinda liking it. :) Oh! The sales lady says their Sale is not ending soon, so be sure to give them a visit while they still have stocks left!

Been hoarding flats lately. Mas nagagamit ko kasi. Magandang pam-picture ang heels pero hindi sya magandang ipang-lakad.




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