Review: Iron Man 3


I was so excited to watch this film. :) And my HS bestfriend is much more excited as she wanted us to catch it on the first day of screening. But getting iMax tickets are so so difficult! I swear!

Anyway, we finally got decent seats on a Saturday morning screening which actually turned out great since my friend and her friend are Call Center peeps so it worked on their schedule. :) If you follow me on twitter you’d probably know how excited I was for my Tony Stark date at iMax.

And boy! Iron Man didn’t disappoint at all! We all love Tony’s wit and sarcasm and funny lines and there are loads of those in this film. But what I loved most is that they have finally shown the soft side of Tony. That side where there is pure love for Pepper. I am beyond kilig on their love story. On the first 2 installments, I find Gwyneth just another superhero leading lady. But in this film, she has transformed into every woman’s envy. Pangarap kong maging Pepper!! Yung mahal na mahal lang ni Iron Man!!!!! Nakakalokaaaaaaaaaa!!

Watching it on iMax proved to be the best decision ever. I love iMax to the core. All of my iMax experience are perfect. Except pag may tumatayo in the middle of the film or pag may pumapasok while the film has already started. I mean, come on!

Anyway, its action packed and is very much of an eye candy on 3D. I love the cinematography and the effects. I love the action scenes. Though its not as action packed as GIJoe, I still think it has enough of those to thrill the boys. And enough heart to touch the women. Another perfect movie date.

I mean, whatever I say here I know won’t matter. You’d watch Iron Man whatever the review is right? But here’s my take on this, if you love 3D, shelling out extra bucks for an iMax experience is definitely worth it!!!! :) And oh! Stay for the after credits my dears. I am excited to watch the stories of the other Avengers. :) Eto na naman po tayooooooo..





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