Review: G.I. Joe Retaliation (2013)


Watched this with my HS best friends and I sure had fun!!

Wasn’t able to watch the first installment of the G.I.Joe franchise so I was kinda lost on the plot of this second film. So I suggest that you watch the first film if you really wanna follow the happenings on this movie. BUT even though I was kinda lost with the story, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying! :)

It’s super action-packed. Breath-taking stunts. Awesome fight scenes. Hot men and gorgeous abs. Everything you’re looking for is here. It’s more than entertaining really. :) Watched it on 3D and I was really amazed on how wonderfully executed the effects are. This movie won’t give you room to breathe. It’s action after action after action after action.

But I must say that my favorite on this film would have to be Storm Shadow.


Just look at him and I know you’d understand why I so love this guy. First he’s Chinese (my personal weakness) or rather, Korean. Second, and most importantly, look at his body!!!! :) When he went out of that “aquarium” thingy shirtless and did his fight scene, I was really hysterical. Sumabog ang ovaries ko!!! Hindi ko kinaya. I went there and was super excited to see Channing Tatum and got my heart broken because he died earlier on the film (parang si Liam Hemsworth sa Expendables). But Storm Shadow sure did heal my broken heart. And I think I feel deeply inlove with him. Char!

This Korean actor is actually great on fight scenes! Well, they all are actually. Snake Eyes is played by martial artist and you could really notice his suave moves in this film. The Rock of course is great and the girls are just awesome! Bruce Willis sure adds flavor on this film and a lot of comedy. I loved how they showed the Channing-The Rock friendship. It was so real and very funny. Lahat magaling. It was well directed actually.

This is perfect for couples for their movie dates. The guys would love the action, while the girls would enjoy the abs! Win-win situation. Everybody happy!

Be sure to catch this okay?! Wag palampasin. Promise!!




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