Review: Struck By Lightning (2013)


Struck by Lightning is a film written, produced and starred by the one and only Kurt Hummel of Glee – Chris Colfer. This young man is so talented!!

Anyway, it’s a story of a young man who was struck by lightning and died and then recounted the way he blackmailed his friends into contributing into some literary magazine that he’s publishing so he could get accepted on the collage that he so wanted.

He is from a broken family with a sick on the head mother and is part of the geek and is always at the bottom heap of the high school pyramid. The film talks about the stereotyping of most high schools and how those that are not labeled as cool are bullied and everything. Just like Glee but without singing and with much more drama.

It shows how each and everyone of the those labeled as “cool” has dirty secrets that he used in blackmailing them. Oh the perks of being a journalist. Hahaha!

It’s a nice film actually. Beautifully written and is just perfect for teens. So to Kurt Hummel – good job kiddo! :)




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