Review: Piadina – Italian Passion Food


Haven’t done a food blog for ages!! I got some on my phone but I always seem to forgot to keep the receipt or at least take a photo of the receipt so I could share with the food prices. But hell! :) I am such an efficient blogger so of course I always seem to throw the darn receipt when I need them.


Anyway, I wanted to try something new that fateful day and though I’ve seen Piadina countless of times already at Robinson’s Ermita and I don’t know why I haven’t tried it yet. :-S Must be because the restaurant’s interior is so not appealing? They got a hole in a wall kind of vibe. But maybe they are trying to replicate an Italian hole in a wall restaurant but whatever!


Though I kinda not like it from the outside, it feels like home once you get inside. The staff are friendly and are always ready to assist you in whatever it is that you ask. Plus the ambiance is very cozy.



As usual, I started the meal with a hot soup. I got their soup of the day which is super creamy and complete with pita bread. I so love the creamy soup and how it taste with the bread. This one is by far my favorite.


I got a grilled chicken meal. I love the chicken and how it was grilled to perfection but I so don’t like the rice. I totally forgot what its called but its too oily for my liking. The tomatoes are perfect though. I just really didn’t like the rice. I end up eating my meal with the pita bread left overs.


The companion opted for pork and spaghetti combo. I liked the pork and spaghetti but the meal is already too heavy. I stole those pita bread from the companion’s plate to eat with my chicken. Told you I hated the rice!


I think they are my first set of food photos that I took on bird’s eye view. I copied the idea from a favorite blogger. She’d always Instagram her food on bird’s eye view and they are lovely. I know mine didn’t turn out well but I am learning. I’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. :) Yay!

All in all, it was a great experience at Piadina. And I am sure I’d soon come back.





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