Review: Jack, the Giant Slayer (2013)


Right after our company outing, my friends and I decided to extend our already very tiring day by catching this film. Saw it on the trailer and I kinda liked it so I said yes. And besides, I need to keep up with the movies these days.

The movie is about a boy named Jack who, for some luck or maybe the lack of it, found himself holding a couple of beans. Saw his house being hoisted upwards by a tree with a princess in tow. Then, just because he likes the princess, found himself getting up the giant tree to rescue his beloved. Its actually your usual Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale but is more gruesome and packed on 3D.

So did I like it?

I did. It was heart thumping action film with giants and beans and crowns and bad guys and a lot of running. We were actually joking because Jack became the giant slayer and is feeling like a giant killer expert after killing one old, yucky giant chef. Hahahaha…

Overall it was entertaining. Something you could watch with your barkada and just have fun while at the cinema. The movie is a bit funny and is action-packed. Though the start of the film is a bit slow but has kept up with much action as the story progress.

Be sure to catch the film. :)




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