Review: It Takes a Man and a Woman (2013)

it takes a man and a woman

Mila: Dalian nyo na. Manood na tayo. Sa wakas after 20yrs makakanood din ako ng sine!!!

I always ask Mila to go on a movie date with me kaso ayaw nya. Sayang daw ang pera. :) But with this JL and Sarah film, sya mismo ang nag-aya. She’s a big Sarah G. fan and has always loved the values of that girl. I think every mother does.

This movie is the third installment of the very popular and top-grossing “Bebe Koh” films of Sarah and JL. With the success of A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life, this movie is sure to be a big hit. Lahat ata tayo gustong makita ang BRAVER, bolder, stronger na Laida Magtalas!! And we all want to see the Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas happy ever after.

The first 2 films are my favorites. Tipong pag nakita mo sa Cinema One or PBO, papanoorin mo padin kahit libong beses mo na syang napanood. But this film is a whole notch higher than the two. It shows a more mature take on love. Wala na yung forever na kilig girl crush ni Laida. This movie is all about forgiveness. That it really takes a man and a woman to actually love and forgive and decide to spend the rest of your life with that special someone.

I love that like the 2 previous movies, this film is very funny. Zoila and friends are a sure hit on their comedic antics. Bentang benta padin kumbaga. :) Very Filipino. And very realistic. I can imagine my friends doing exactly the same thing kung ako si Laida. Tipong idadaan lahat sa joke ang mga bagay bagay. Eh ano kung ex kayo? Aasarin namin kayo!!! Hahahaha…

JL of course is superb in this film. Pero “kelangan pa bang i-memorize yon?”. Eh si JL sya. That guy is really a great actor. At kahit wala syang abs, puputok ang ovaries mo sa kanya sa kilig!! Nakakaloka ka Miggy Montenegro!!

Sarah here is a revelation. I guess lahat tayo tuwang tuwa sa mga little improvements ni Sarah. Yung “almost” kiss nila ni JL, yung pagpapakita nya ng legs during the honeymoon scene. Yung mga kiss nya kay JL during the proposal scenes are actually very small things or very mild things pero parang ang laking improvement na! Si Mila nga hindi makamove on.

Overall, this one is a great film. If only for the entertainment it brings. You go to the movie house expecting to be kilig and fall in love with Laida and Miggy and you sure would get it with a whole lot of bonus. Its fun. Its entertaining. It shows a different take on love but on a whole lighter note. Tipong light film lang na feel good. What we all need in this world.




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