DIY Shirt for Summer


Alright, I spent the weekend in Subic for our company summer outing and I had fun! We stayed in Camayan Beach Resort and had a stint in Ocean Adventure and just spent the rest of the day at the beach. Oh don’t worry, the rest of my officemates made sure they had a great night by drinking non-stop. Though most are drunk as hell, it was still clean fun. Just loads of laughter, dancing and room hopping.


More of my Subic adventure on my upcoming posts. But for now, let’s focus on my DIY shirt! That’s my winning shirt I tell you. Everyone was asking me how I did it. :) Last year’s DIY shirt is so simple because I don’t want to go all out as I’m not sure if it’s okay. But this year, knowing that its actually okay to do it, I tried to be more artistic with the shirt.


For everyone who’s asking, here’s how I did it. Sorry if I don’t have photos. I did it the night before. Though it only took me around 5minutes to finish the entire thing, I didn’t think of documenting it. :) 

I hope you can visualize what I’m saying on the steps below:
  1. Cut the collar as desired. I cut mine a little wider which turned out a blessing in disguise because it looks like, the off shoulder thingy gave it more drama.
  2. Cut the sleeves and bottom part of the shirt. Tug at the ends to make it curl up a little bit.
  3. Divide the cut off collar into three thin strips and then braid it.
  4. Attach one end of the braided strip on the front of the shirt and secure it with a button. You can be more creative and use other materials but for me, buttons are the best because they are easier. Plus I only have buttons on my DIY kit. Walang choice kumbaga.
  5. You can either sew the other end of the braided strips at the back of the shirt or do what I did which is cut a small hole at the back of the shirt and insert the other end and tie it then let the braided end lose so it’d look like a tassel.
  6. Then tie the end of the shirt. You either tie it on front or sides, it’s all up to you!

Top: DIY’d T-shirt | Shorts: Vintage | Swimsuit: Coco Cabana | Flats: Solemate | Flipflops: Human | Sunnies: Charlie | Coral Bangles: from Cleaning Out my Closet
Proof that I did won an award. :) I didn’t expect it, I swear! Hahahaha.. But it was fun.


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