Very McQueen


This gorgeous bag became my fashion inspiration one Monday morning. :) The bag has an overload of skulls which I so so love. If you’ve been an avid reader of this blog, you’d probably noticed that I love skull-designed pieces. Whether on accessories or scarves or bags or sometimes, the prints on my clothes. The love for skulls is actually G.p’s. It must have rubbed off on me because I am having some skulls overload lately.


I so love this particular look of mine. I loved how girly my look is because of the peplum dress and laces and those pearls (via my arm party) but at the same time I feel such a rockstar because of the overload of skull pieces I have on me. Look at my earrings, those cool rings, my ever so cutie scarf that I use as bag décor and of course my ever so cutie bag!! :)


I love that the only pop of color on my outfit is my bag while the rest is on the gray monochrome. Sometimes it all boils down to subtlety. I love that I am not so much into clashing of colors anymore. But I still look forward into those days when I am as colorful as a beautiful parrot. :)


Ooohhh! Look at those skull silhouettes via my earrings!! :) Hahahahaha! Yay!

skull05Dress: Mint | Lace Bandeau: Landmark | Cardigan: Random (old) | Flats: Random | Scarf: G.p’s | Bag: Thrifted | Earrings: Divisoria | Skull Ring: Quiapo | Arm Party: all from 168 Divisoria

We all know that the “queen” of all skull designs is the one and only Alexander McQueen. I love this designer’s edgy and classy pieces. His death had been a major ouch on the fashion world but his legacy remains. I so love him for making skulls a very artsy fashion piece. :)




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