Sneakers and Snakeskin


Sorry for the week long blogging hiatus. My week is packed with meetings and work and issues and everything that has got to do with work. I must keep it my priority since its my bread and butter. One must always value her work because not everyone is as blessed as you are.
Anyway, here’s another late post. Wore this ensemble a couple of Fridays back. :) I was never the jeans kind of girl so finding this cute pair on Zoo York is love. I can wear it with shorts and pants and have already tried to pair it with skirt and I love how its so flexible and can be worn with everything!
Since the stars of my look are my sneakers and snakeskin bag (which my friend Len got me from the States), I kept everything else neutral to serve as my backdrop. I am loving the fact that I now know how NOT to clash every piece on my ensemble to allow them to shine more. Sometimes a girl must be a little like that. Subtle, class and stylish.  I even ditch the accessories coz my snakeskin canvass bag and red sneakers are already a mouthful.
I know that you noticed that I am little prettier in these pictures. Ahem! Ahem! That’s because my ever pretty friend put a little make up on me before taking my outfit shot. Oh db?! Make up artist na, photographer pa! I have such talented friends and I sooooo love them. Not to mention extremely supportive of my craziness.
Cor is just starting to learn the how to’s and what’s of make up and I know she’ll eventually get the hang of it. She’s an aspiring make up artist and I am so much willing to be her guinea pig!
casualjeans4casualjeans6Top: Bazaar | Jeans: Reborn | Sneakers: Zoo York | Belt: Comes with the floral shorts I got from Divisoria | Bag: Nine West

How are you liking this look guys? I know its so not me but hey! A girl should try something new once in a while right? And I hope you did like what I came up with. :)
February had just started and it feels like a roller coaster ride already. I’m having issues with that house that I’m planning to buy (have actually started paying the down payments). My sister just went home because she lost Php5000 on her bus ride home. Hindi ko talaga maisip pano nakakatulog ang mga taong nagnanakaw ng pera ng iba. Those are hard earned money! Grabe lang talaga! And then my cousin is currently at the hospital.
Oh well! I guess that’s life. We just have to live with it and be strong. I know everything will be alright one day and I just have to stay strong and focused. God never failed me. Ever! And I am trusting His love for me so much that I know nothing I can’t  handle would happen. Money is just money and we can earn it. My cousin is still recuperating but I know he’ll be fine. And I am still saving up for that house so I have no worries really. I’m still counting my blessings and so far they have won over the bad things by a landslide victory.
Happy weekend everyone. God Bless! :) And always be happy!



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