Review: You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Sarra Manning)


My second Sarra Manning book!! Now I think I know what Desi’s been raving about. She’s a great find I’m telling you. And oh! Did I even mention that she’s British? And I love everything that has got to do with England, you have to know that. Spending the first 2 years of my working life with them has given me positive glimpse of the culture of the Brits and I just have to tell you that they are my fave bunch of people in world.

Now on to the book….

This about a woman named Neve. She used to be this super fat girl with super low self esteem who usually gets bullied in school. She’s inlove with this “perfect guy” named William who’s in LA for 3 years. She’s waiting for him to come back and has been preparing herself for “that faithful day” he’ll return. So she’s working out, is on VERY strict diet and she has already lost like half of her weight but she’s been really obsessed into becoming that size 10 woman. Aside from that, she also has zero knowledge on relationship. And as part of her “preparation”, she wants to have a pancake relationship. So what’s a pancake relationship right? Well according to Neve, its like the first set of pancakes that you cook which turned out to be not perfect and you end up throwing. I know! Weird right?!

So, she met Max – this hot womanizer who agreed to be a part of her pancake relationship. Yay! :) And so the story evolved around them. Their relationship and how they helped each other into becoming a better version of themselves. Both of them have issues. Both are in dire need of each other because as it turned out, another broken soul is what you need to mend one.

Neve’s insecurities seemed beyond repair and Max’s womanizing issues seemed uncontrollable. Both used to be unhappy and yet, for some weird reason, they found happiness with each other. On their pancake relationship.

Like most of us, we have the most un-perfect relationship and yet everything seemed perfect if we are with them. I think that’s the magic of love and I love reading all about it.

This is another chic flick book. A great read. Enjoy Neve’s roller coaster life and all the weird things that come in between.

I am loving Sarra Manning so much! I still have a couple of her books and I am planning on devouring all her works. Yay for great British authors. And yey for bookworms like me.




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