Review: Life of Pi (2013)


“He said you had a story that would make me believe in God.”

– those are the words of the writer to Pi and I couldn’t agree more.

Everyone’s raving about this film. All positive reviews. All great words. People are talking about the deeper meaning of this film and how much it talks about faith and God. My curiosity was aroused beyond words. People are talking about its impeccable visuals and how great it is on 3D. And I must admit, that the rumors are true.

But beyond the visuals and great story execution, I am more awed by how well the movie was able to showcase the greatness of Religion and faith and God.

I no longer need to talk about the storyline nor my take on the cinematography or the sound effects. I am no expert on those. So allow me share with you my thoughts on something I can consider myself as an expert - my own faith.

Like all great movies, this one also has that very catchy ending. The one that all people would talk about after watching. Everybody’s favorite part.

Adult Pi Patel: So which story do you prefer?
Writer: The one with the tiger. That's the better story.
Adult Pi Patel: Thank you. And so it goes with God.
Writer: [smiles] It's an amazing story.

Which story do you prefer? The better story or the gruesome more realistic one? Why did the writer and the Japanese investigator choose the better story? Even if it involves friendship between a Bengal Tiger and a young boy. Even if it includes gigantic whales and floating bananas. And glow in the dark fishes and carnivorous island. Why?

They say it represents your Faith. “And so it goes with God.” says Pi. What does he mean by that? If I said I believed the gruesome one that involves killing for survival, does that mean I have less faith in God?

Let me tell you my take on this. Honestly, I believed the more gruesome story. And my faith is as strong as ever.

Sometimes, we people prefer wonderful stories with dramas and mystery and miracles and all those glory. We tend to deny the truth that’s almost kissing us. We try to hide the gruesomeness of our actions and our lives by creating wonderful storylines. The truth is still there somewhere, the realities of what actually happened is still there somewhere but it is no longer as bad as it actually is.

Like what Pi did. Him and the Bengal Tiger is actually the same. Him as a young boy who practice 3 different religions. And him as the Bengal Tiger who’s human and whose basic instinct is to survive. For me, it’s a story of a young boy who’s struggling with faith and humanity. He did something really bad by murdering the cook but he did that for survival and because of the pain he suffered on seeing his mother being murdered by the cook.

He is human. He did things that’s undeniably wrong but I him surviving to tell the tale is a great proof of how forgiving and loving and wonderful our Father is. You may be a sinner but He will love you and protect you because you still have that little boy inside you.

That carnivorous island is a great representation of the world we are currently living in. At first you’d think its perfect. Everything they need is at their fingertips. Fresh water. Food. A place to stay. But in reality, all of those pretty things would eat you alive. Him realizing that shows how much God loves us. All we have to do is open our eyes and look beyond the wonders that we are seeing. The reality though scary is still more beautiful and more meaningful.

I may have over-analyzed the movie. Hahaha! But I am happy that I am thinking this way. I am realistic but full of faith. I am with the truth and my eyes are always open to look beyond what my eyes can see. Watching this film made me realize why I am like this. I believe in God and is a Catholic but I practice faith my own way. I am so much like Pi. I still think that the Roman Catholic is the best religion but I acknowledge that it is not perfect like all of us here on earth. But I don’t need to look for a perfect Religion. All I need is to know that I have a perfect God who loves me.





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