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I am such a sickly girl. I always tell my friends that I think my immune system is non-existent. A simple change in weather would give me fever,colds, cough and asthma attack. I have allergic rhinitis. So if the road on my way to work is dusty, expect a runny nose in the morning and a visit to our ever-reliable nurse.

So this year, my goal is to be healthier. My cousin whose only 30+ yrs old suffered a mild stroke just last week. And well, that served as my wake up call. I am getting older and I need to take care of my self.

They say I’m chubby. Well, I’m a little rounded and so very not model-thin but I know I am not fat. I cannot even consider myself chubby. I am okay. My BMI is normal. Though I have baby fats distributed all around my body. Baby fats that needs to be hidden. Thanks for my fashion sense dear fashion goddess! :)

I started going to the gym. Not just to lose weight but to gain strength and increase my stamina and endurance. I said goodbye to soft drinks because I am acidic and I know that soft drinks don’t do the body any good. I said goodbye to alcoholic drinks last year because, well because I hate the feeling of being hang-over and I find it much more exciting to watch my friends get drunk and do stupid things. Harhar! I am now starting my no-rice policy because my big boss told me that saying goodbye to rice is the secret to her new sexy body. :)

I am proud of my curves and I never wish to be stick thin. But I have to accept the fact that I am aging gracefully and I have to make my health a priority. Though getting flat stomach and having firmer arms and legs would be a great bonus. You know, summer is fast approaching and I want to wear swimsuits without worrying about my flabs. Hahahaha!

So thankful that I have a Boss whose willing to be our personal fitness trainer for free! And since he’s my boss, I am forced to follow his every instruction. Patay ako pag hindi ko sinunod eh. He also constantly reminds us of the food we are eating.  And since we are basically together 5days a week, wala akong lusot!

So far I am loving my gym time. Though I have body aches the next day, it serves as a reminder that I did great at the gym. And well, no pain, no gain right? :) I am proud to say that I can now run on the treadmill for 10 minutes straight. I swear! I only walk on the treadmill or do a walk-run-walk-walk-run-walk thing. So mas madami padin yung walk. See? Stamina right there! @_@

I am far from the strength, stamina and endurance thing but I am getting there. I am taking things one step at a time. And I won’t stop until I am healthier. Hopefully next year, I can have that health bonus! *cross fingers* And that flat stomach. *double cross fingers*




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