Dear Baler, I miss you…


Me and some friends went to Baler, Aurora June of last year. I know! I gotta receive that “Most Efficient Blogger” award, thank you very much! :) But its better late than never right? And summer is fast approaching so I think it’ll still be useful. :)
I was sorting my Baler photos last night and I just realized how much I missed the place. Tried surfing twice and I gotta say that it’s still my favorite extreme sport. Last year had been my year of “extreme sport trying”. With that stint on the Ilocos Sand Dunes and the Baler Surfing and of course Wakeboarding – I am proud to say that I have at least tried a handful of extreme sports. I may not be a pro on any of those but at least, when I grow old and gray, I can tell my kids and grand kids that I have lived my life to the fullest.
I am trying to clear off as much delayed posts as I can. And I am starting with my Baler adventure. Of course, I would like to kick this one off with my outfit. This is what I wore on our last day in Baler. It was actually just an overnight trip so we wanted to cover as much. We initially planned to do island hopping on our second day since we’ve already surfed on our first day. Plus, all of us girls are suffering from a nasty body ache. I swear! Daig pa nag-gym ng 8hrs straight sa sakit ng katawan namin. I can’t even move the next morning. I was close to tears!
But then the boys all wanted to surf again. Well, we went there to try surfing anyway so the girls gave in. Though it turned out, all of us tried surfing again! Hahahaha.. Deadma sa muscle pain. Eh ano kung hindi ako makakilos? :) I will surf like there’s no tomorrow!
I went to the beach ready. On our first day of surfing, I was wearing some short shorts and it was kinda awkward to follow the correct pre-surfing position because I was so worried that my trainer would get a glimpse of my privates. So the next day, I came prepared. I wore my beach pants. They are light and they hug my legs pretty firm when they get wet so its perfect. It also doesn’t get heavy when wet so I can still surf without worrying about the extra weight.
Also on my first surfing experience, I was wearing a bandeau type bikini and had a minor wardrobe issue. Thank heavens we rented those rash guards! So here, you’ll me wearing my most comfortable bikini. I made sure that it’s secure and that my babies won’t say Hi! as I try to stand up on those surf boards. I also put my hair in braids so it wont get into face.
See? I really came in prepared for my second day!
beach2Bikini: Tiendesitas | Top: YRYS | Beach Pants: from my cousin | Scarf: Random | Flipflops: MYOHavaianas

Wait for my other Baler posts. :) I can’t wait to share with you guys my surfing pictures. Yay!



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