I am totes a home buddy. :) Spending weekends watching my fave series and catching up with my Mama and the sibs. Nothing is more perfect than that. But I kinda miss the weekend escapades. I used to spend most of my weekends at the mall. Either watching movies or well, watching movies! Hahaha!

So last Sunday, when I was finally able to go back to Robinsons Ermita, I wore something comfy and fashionable! And yes! I took my outfit shots at the mall. I am such a brave girl. *pats myself at the back*


I’ve had this shirt for the longest time but I used to always wear this as a dress (perks of being a 4’10” lady) like what I did here. But that day I decided to tuck it under my cut offs to give this “dress” a little twist. I loved how comfy my look is. And I look so put together. Yey for never-fail combo!



plaid04Shirt Dress: random from US | Cut-Offs: Vintage | Belt: Random from Paco | Oxfords: SM Department Store | Bag: Secosana | Watch: Esprit | Mantra Bracelet: The Bead Shop | Lippies: Wet n’ Wild

Let me show you the other way I wore this shirt dress. I love flexible pieces on my wardrobe. They expand my outfit choices by ten times. And its never about the quantity but the quality. Classic pieces like this are every girl’s must have.

then and now

And yeah! I think I lost weight. Yehey!!!!!




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