Behind These Hazel Eyes


Ok! My eye color is far from being hazel but I am having that I-cant-think-of-a-proper-blog-title-hence-I-checked-my-music-list moment. Have you heard this Cassadee Pope and Kelly Clarkson’s song?! I am loving it so much!


Anyway, on to my outfit. This is what I call my lazy smart casual look. :) Hello Kris Emmanuel! If you are reading this blog, yes that previous sentence is for you! *wink*wink*

I am so not in the mood for dressing up that day so I went for the basics. I am not really a big fan of brown and black combination but for some odd reason, it worked on this look. Must be because I got all the colors of my look from my snakeskin bag. One of my secrets in dressing up and pulling off outfit combination. I take the colors off my printed stuff. That way, I am very sure that they’d work out!


I finished off my look by wearing native accessories and flats. Abaca flats and wooden bracelets and ring just made my look so put together. It can easily pass off as a casual wear but not too casual that its still looked smart. At least I am very comfortable as I work my *ss off that day. No hassles.


On another note, do you think all my gym sesh are paying off already? Hahahaha! I am not rigorously working out though. Just twice a week and I cut my rice but I am still eating sweets and I still give in to my guilty pleasures but I still think I am shedding off some weight. And I feel so much stronger. Unbelievable! I fought heavy rains the other night and I am not sick the next day!! Major improvement!! Thank you and I love you officemates and boss/fitness trainer.


brown5Brown Turtle Neck Top: Random from US (old) | Pants: Random from US (old) | Abacca Sandals: Random (super old) | Necklace: gift from Cor | Ring: from my cousin | Bangles: Divisoria | Snakeskin Bag: Nine West

How’s your weekend guys? I am having a staycation once again. Catching up with my telenovelas and books and series. I love weekends! :)




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