Happy Birthday Jerellt!

I’m really the talkative one. But I don’t qualify as the friendly one. So the handful of friends that I got are really precious to me.

Today is a special day for one of them. Today marks the start of her countdown to the big 3-0!

jerellt**Photos courtesy of Ian Santillan

While most girls dread this, she welcomes it with open arms! And I am just so happy that she’s aging with grace and intelligence and class and a handful of accomplishments on her basket. :) I am glad that she’s making her dreams come true one by one. Little by little. And what makes me so proud is the fact that she’s getting it all on her own. With her perseverance and hardwork and a lot of kakuriputan in between.

Seeing her scratch off some of her wish list brings me so much joy. Today we spent the entire afternoon shopping and just laughing our hearts out. She bought a lipstick! A lipstick for crying out loud. Therefore graduate na sya sa lipgloss nya. :) I am the proudest bestfriend ever! And she got herself a couple of kikay things. While most would call her a late bloomer, I would like to think its more of she just took her time and did the things she wanted on her right time. Eh para sa kanya dapat magpaganda AFTER mong ikasal, anong magagawa ko diba? Come to think of it. Parang mas tama nga ata yun. Hahahahaha!


Thank you so much for being that friend I never thought I could ever have and not to mention deserve. We’ve shared your debut and your wedding and a lot of heartbreaks in between. And I am looking forward into sharing more things with you. I am looking forward into becoming the ninang of your first born and the second and the third and so forth. :) Oo! Gusto ko ninang ako ng lahat ng anak mo. Para masaya! I am looking forward into that house blessing. Isama mo ako sa pamimili ng outfit mo for that special day. I am looking forward into our next lakad and I wish you’re already wearing that lipstick we bought earlier. :)

Alam kong this year is gonna be a little tough pero apir tayo sa pagtitipid! Kelangan natin yan para sa magandang bahay next year. Deadma na din sa lahat ng nega. :) Alam mo at alam ko at alam ng mga taong importante sa atin kung sino at ano tayo. Hindi perpekto pero masaya.

Know that I am always praying with you para matupad mo lahat ng dreams mo. And I will always be here for you.

I love you my dear best friend! And yes! Ang pictures mo na pinili ko eh yung puro kikay! I just want you to know that I love all your wedding preps pictures. Lakas maka-fresh! Hahahahaha!




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