We Kiss In The Shadows…

Obviously, I’m still on The King and I high thus my blog title. :) I love that song and Tanya’s version is superb! @_~

Anyway, this is what I wore on our The King and I date.


I wanted something comfy but I don’t want to be underdressed as well. Last time I went to see a play, I was all too casual that I looked like a high school girl. Hahaha..


Does my outfit looked familiar? If you regularly visit this blog I know you’d already seen me wear this LBD + jelly sandals (check it out here). And yes, if you do notice, I gave the dress a little spin by wearing it backside up. :) Those cute ruffles are too cute to be a back detail forever. I gotta give it a little limelight. But it sure makes a totally different look. Accessories really do play a big part in one’s outfit I must say.


I go easy on accessories with this look to make it more casual. I also pulled the skirt a little up to lengthen my legs and my high bun surely made my look more fresh and relaxed. I guess that’s one more major key in dressing up. Know your intended audience.

Going to have a dinner with some friends at the mall? Surely, a black dress with white undergarments and sky high heels won’t be appropriate. I don’t recall a fine dining restaurant in Greenbelt 3. Hahaha.. Maybe you could wear the dress but tone it down by wearing flats. Or just be plain simple by wearing a pair of shorts and some flats. You are with friends anyway, you need to be comfy. :)

Going to catch a film? Oh you must make sure you have your cardigan with you coz you don’t want to catch a cold. Most cinemas are freezing! So you could wear something light and carry a little cardigan or a shawl, whatever you prefer.

Going to a party? Then it’s time to bring those sky high heels some spin. Go overboard by wearing tons of sparkles. Wear your chiffon and of course those huge diamonds! :) And oh! Make sure you wear make up. Smokey eyes if you must. @_@

Going to work? Read your dress code please. You can try to be a little rascal by wearing something that’s not really usual but make sure you don’t break a rule. Jeans are no-no but if you got a pair of black soft jeans that could easily pass as a pair of slacks, by all means wear it. Just pair it up with a blazer to make it look smart. Just don’t wear too short skirt or wear a blue wig or wear a tee + cropped pants. Come on! Even on dress down days, you must always look smart.

20121130_173228-horzLBD: Thrifted | Jelly Sandals: Random | Bag: Ayla | Earrings: from Len

Well I do hope you learn something from me. :) Dressing up is fun. It boost your confidence. It will make you happy. Do not be afraid to wear what you want to express yourself. I know what I wore is not always likeable. Sometimes I break all the rules of fashion but who cares? Everyday, I make sure I look good not for the people around me but for me.

“A girl must be two things – classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel


Have a great week ahead loves!




P.S. Apologies for the poor photo quality. My very sweet sister put my camera to rest. Alas! Its broken and I was forced to use my phone camera. And well, though I believe my phone has a great camera I am not yet accustomed to using it. Trying out different settings. I still cannot buy a new camera so please bear with me. You’d be seeing loads of crappy photos from now on. But you love me anyway, I know that! mwah!


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