Um, a little off center

Those are not mine (the blog title). Copied it from my favorite lady DJ’s twitter (@delamararias). I don’t know, as I was thinking of a blog title it just pop into my head. And well, being the lazy blogger that I am I just typed it and voila! Instant blog title!! I am so so so lame I know. Harhar!
Sorry for giving you an extremely lousy set of photos. As we were about to end our day, I told my team mate how sad I was because I wasn’t able to take my outfit shot that day. And being the ever supportive teammate, she got my hint and she volunteered to take a few quick shots before we go home. Hahahaha… I have the sweetest team I’m telling you. All crazy but all are sweet. I love them to bits! Yay!
20121206_185012-horzTop: YRYS | Skirt: Random (old) | Heels: People are People | Belt: Genevie Gozum

I just love my look that day. Its clean and very business’y. I love my top + skirt combo. And adding those gold slim belt completes my look. I am so loving my simple pegs lately. I used to think that dressing up on the corporate world would make me look old and boring but now I know better. One just have to choose the right material and print.
Let’s start this week with a bang okay?! Christmas is just around the corner. Are you done with your Christmas shopping?!! And oh! Easy on the food guys. We don’t want to bulk up as the year ends.


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