Starbucks 2013 Planner


Collecting stickers for that Starbucks planner has become some sort of a personal yearly tradition. I am a coffee addict anyway so why not right? :) And also, I love those seasonal beverages. I’m so glad that Dark Cherry Mocha made a comeback this year but the taste is so different from what I could remember. :’( What happened Starbucks?! You just broke my heart there.


I told myself that I’d break tradition and just request for a different planner this year. Maybe a moleskin? I don’t know! But after seeing the green planner on the display WITH STARS, I fell in love. Hahaha.. I just have to get my hands on it. Yay! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!


Then I opened it and saw the cute details that Starbucks has decided to add. Yay! For the longest time, Starbucks planner has always been that simple, straightforward kind. So seeing these cute, fun ideas made me giddy. Yes Starbucks! Us on the corporate world need a daily dose of fun.


One of last year’s major fail for me is the bookmark. Well, this year they definitely did an exceptional job. Magnetic bookmark! Perfect! And not to mention, useful and beautiful. Hahahaha….


They also went back to their original weekly format. With enough room for notes instead of last year’s one page of notes. I think its better because now I have more space to write down the things I have to do for the day.

What I hate most about last year’s planner is the durability. I hope this year is better.

I don’t really use my planner to PLAN. I use it more as a reminder. I usually write down my To Do’s for the day and would usually start my day consulting what I have wrote down and marking down those I have accomplished. I also use it on taking down notes. I have a great built in planner on my phone but nothing really beats an old fashioned planner. I need to write things down. I just need to.

Well I am happy with this year’s planner. I hope we’d share another wonderful year.





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