Sparkles and Comfy Sweats


The moment I saw this sweatshirt, my jaw literally dropped. And even though G.p is giving me that judgmental look of hers (the one that says, “what are you thinking aubrey?’) I still hold it like dear life. I know I have to get it!


These pictures doesn’t give it justice at all! :( You can’t see how sparkly it is! Sparkles and sequins are so trendy and I can’t help but jump into the bandwagon this time. Sparkles just exudes effortless glam. And I love the draped neckline of the sweater. It seems like I am wearing a scarf. Yay!


It was a lazy Saturday that’ll be spent at the mall so this sweats + shorts combo is perfect. Alright! Alright! I changed into flats after taking my outfit shots so I could be ready for a whole day of walking!


I just have to mention how much I love my wedges. I would usually wear this on days that I feel like I need an extra feminine touch on my entire look. The salmon pink belt is not enough guys! I need to push it a little further by adding laces. Harhar!


I ditched the accessories because as I mentioned, my top already has so much bling and sparkles. Wearing more would be an overkill. And besides, I want my top to be the center of attention. She’s a diva like that! She doesn’t want to share the limelight. Harhar!



Been putting my hair in a high bun much lately because its dry. I think it needs some TLC but I don’t have the time to have it treated. :( My hair is crying already. I can hear her sobbing as we sleep. Haaaaaayyy…




Apologies for the flooding of pictures. My sister and I enjoyed our shoot way too much. Hahahaha.. The perks of taking your outfit shots in the weekend. I don’t have to hurry. Hihihi..

Aaaaaannnddd.. say hello to my paparazzi shot! Hahahaha..

20121208_153447-horzTop: Random | Shorts: Vintage | Belt: Genevie Gozum | Wedges: Bazaar | Sunnies: Foldable Wayfarers by Rayban

How’s everyone’s Christmas shopping? It seemed endless I tell you! I am so broke! Hahahaha.. But I am happy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys, much love from me. :)





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