She Will Be Loved

Ok. Title has NOTHING to do with my outfit. I just run out of creative juices and can’t think of a blog title. So what’s a girl to do? Well, randomly select a song title from my playlist of course! Problem solved. Everybody happy. Nyahahaha..
I saw another blogger wearing burgundy skirt with lots of fringes and paired it with a blazer. I wanted to recreate the look since I remembered I got a dress similar to the skirt she’s wearing. I was playing dress up on my mind before I went to sleep so I woke up knowing exactly what to look for on my closet.
And well I didn’t find the dress so settled on this skirt instead. Well, magulo din naman yung print nya parang fringes na din. Waaaaaaaaahhhhh…
Anyway, I loved how it turned out. I pulled off a classy and smart outfit. Very corporate ready. Oh diba? *slow clap* I really love how blazers could easily make you look neat and smart. They could really make one look to dressed up even in casuals. And the belt added the much needed drama on my entire look. I just love love love it!!
Blazer: Can’t remember the brand | Skirt: From Landmark | Top: YRYS | Belt: YRYS | Sandals: Random | Bag: Ayla | Earrings: From Len | Sunnies: Foldable Wayfarers by Rayban

What do you think of my look?
Christmas is just around the corner. I can feel it. And well, my atm and credit cards are feeling much friction lately. Arrrrggghhh… But I am happy. Shopping because its Christmas is just perfect. I’ll worry about the consequences next year. Yay!



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