Review: One More Try (MMFF 2012)

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Every year, I make it a point to really watch as much MMFF movies as possible. This year, I spent my Christmas day at the cinema and watched the first MMFF movie on my bucket list – One More Try.

Honestly, this is something new. I haven’t watched a film that actually tackles this kind of story. It’s just new and raw and well, it’ll make you think – it might be possible.

I actually love the plot of the film. As I’ve said, it is quite unique. But it was shown on a very artistic way.

It is a story of 5 people actually. 4 adults and a child. Angel and Dingdong had an affair 6 yrs ago when Dingdong and Angelica are just BF-GF’s. Their relationship were almost ruined but they were able to overcome the problem and eventually got married. However, Angel and Dingdong had a child. Something that Dingdnong didn’t know. And now after 6 yrs, Angel come back and asks for Dingdong’s help because her son is sick.

The kid needs a bone marrow transplant to cure his leukemia. Dingdong is not a match though. Another option is for Angel and Dingdong to have another kid. Problem is Angelica is the wife and Zanjo is the boyfriend.

It was twisted really! Angelica didn’t want her husband to bed Angel. Thinking of that time when Angel almost stole his love from her. Plus the fact that she wasn’t able to bear a child for a Dingdong. Zanjo is very understanding at first but eventually became too jealous to handle everything. Dingdong loves Angelica but loves his son as well. Take note that it is his ONLY son. Of course, Angel is a mother. And we all know that a mother would do everything on her power to make her son live. Sabi nga sya, wala ng moral at wala ng tama.

Everyone is a victim of the circumstances. Everyone acts on what they think is right. Sometimes, we’d maybe say it’ll be easier to allow Dingdong and Angel “do it” to solve the problem but sometimes, you’re just too afraid that it’ll create more problems. Kung ako si Angelica, makikipagpatayan ako kay Angel wag nya lang mahawakan ang asawa ko. Kung ako si Zanjo hindi ako papayag na hawakan ng ibang lalaki ang babaeng mahal ko. Kung ako si Dingdong, gagawin ko ang lahat madugtungan lang ang buhay ng anak ko. Ay pwede din palang I’d do everything to protect my wife. Ay! I don’t know really! If I were Angel, I’d do everything to make my son live. Ay! Maybe I’d just do it with Zanjo and pray that the half brother would be a match.

Now that I think about it, it is so hard! Oh well! Sometimes, you don’t know if you are doing the right thing or not. Ano nga ba ang tama? Who defines what’s right and not? I don’t know honestly!

Anyway, you just have to watch it to see how it just transpired. See how everyone reacts on the situation. And I know you’d agree with me that all of them had the best intention on their hearts. I loved the ending of the story as much as I loved the Mistress. Because The Mistress is so twisted and is so wrong I loved that it didn’t had the happy ending that we all wish. However, I am so glad that this film ended happy. Everybody happy actually! Because all of them deserve that happy ending.

What a way to start my MMFF marathon. Will try to catch as many as I can. Maybe all eight. :)

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you had a great Christmas. I spent mine with family and I am so happy. It may not be perfect and complete, but I am happy nonetheless.

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS dear readers! I wish you all love and happiness.





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