Review: The King and I (Musical)


Was able to FINALLY catch this musical last November 30. :) Special thanks to Rooks (@cruisincherokee) for securing a couple of tickets for G.p and I. Ever since I heard about it on The Morning Rush, I told myself that I would surely catch this latest theatrical offering of Resorts World Manila.

I do not know The King and I’s story. Wasn’t able to watch the disney film at all but knowing that Monique Wilson is going to play the lead role makes me really want to see this. I mean, she’s from THE Miss Saigon for crying out loud. And we all know how great she is. I’ve seen her on the telly countless of times but seeing her act live and hear her sing live would really make my life complete. Yay! Imagine what I’d do if its actually Lea Salonga? @_@

After watching The Sound of Music early this year, I promised myself that I would venture out into theaters and plays and musicals. Movies are awesome. Books are always my favorite. But there is something in theatrical plays and musicals that really gives me Goosebumps. I am beyond awed.

The actors are just superb. Leo Valdez as the King is hilarious. And I must admit that he is one of the best singers we have here in the country. And Monique Wilson is just awesome. I was telling Rooks that she sound a bit off on the start but as the show went on, her voice just grows more beautiful and beautiful each song. And those adorable kids! They are all so great. Such young talents. And very cute too. :)

I find myself fascinated by the fact that the actors really copy the accent of the roles that they are playing. Monique’s british accent is nice. Not overly done. Even her son was also good. They really sound like British. While those people from Siam also have those Asian-ish accent when speaking in English. How can those kids do that?!! Awesome sauce!

G.p says she like The Sound of Music better but I beg to disagree. Well she did admit that she is a bit biased because she loves The Sound of Music in general. Hahaha.. Anyway, I love The King and I’s production better. Better costumes. More dancing (they got the Ballet Philippines if I’m not mistaken). Colorful set and stage. Maybe also because it is set on the old Siam thus the colorful costumes and humongous elephants. And oh! They have a walking life-size elephant! As in! Don’t know how they did it though but the elephants look real. @_@ Uh-mazing!

I could all be giddy and tell you loads of stuff but I don’t wanna be a spoiler or something. I hope you just believe me when I say that this one is worth every penny. Superb production! Superb acting! Superb singing! Just plain excellent!


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