Review: Banapple (Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati)


G.p and I had an early dinner at this place when we noticed that it is not jam-packed (at last!!). I’ve been hearing loads of good things about the place and so I am so excited to try it out. Especially after my bestfriend blogged about it. I just have to believe her impeccable taste! She got me as her bestfriend anyway. Hahahaha..

Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne (Php 185.00)

Asian Crabstick and Mango Salad Sandwich (Php 130.00)

We had baked CC penne and crabstick sandwich since both of us are not favoring the rice dishes they have on the menu. Also, I try to stay away from heavy dinner because I am no longer teen and my metabolism is getting slower and slower by the minute.


I just have to mention the bread that comes with our pasta. It reminds us so much of that yummy organic bread we had at the Bohol Bee Farm! I swear they taste exactly the same. Oh I miss Bohol and its beauty.


Their pasta is okay but I didn’t actually fell in love with it. My spaghetti is way better than this but its not bad either. I just happen to cook the best spaghetti in town (which of course is my own personal belief). But since they topped their pasta with a good amount of cheese, I kinda liked it better. Anyway, anything with lotsa cheese is love for me.


But their sandwich is heaven!! I love it! They have generous amount of crabsticks and mango and fresh veggies on a semi-toasted wheat bread. OMG! It was divine. Its one of the healthiest sandwich ever but I can eat it everyday. That is how yummy it is. Yay!

Fudgy Banana Shake (Php105)

G.p also got herself a fudgy banana shake which is actually nice. G.p loves choco-banana shake but we’d usually get the ones that really tastes like powdered shake so we were hesitant at first if we’d order a shake. But after confirming that they actually use fresh fruits on their shakes we finally give in and I’m so glad we did because this one is perfect! Yay!

Our very first Banapple experience was great. Now I know why its always jam packed!

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