Happy 8th on 12-12-12!


Last 12-12-12, my baby Boi turned 8! Lucky charm indeed.

Those of you who personally knew me would know how important this little man is in my life. He is my joy, my inspiration. I work hard to provide for him. I am not a perfect human being. I may not be a good friend at times or a good daughter. But one thing is for sure, I am and will always be a good Ate!

8 years ago, God gave us this wonderful blessing. At first I was skeptical. I was asking God why He allowed our little angel to suffer. We as a family had gone through a lot. Hardships, pains, denials. But now all we have is undying love and appreciation in our hearts. We couldn’t be more happier as a family.

He’s 8 and I can now really feel how difficult it’ll be for us to take care of him. I am preparing for that time when he’ll be too big to be carried. I am preparing a bigger space for him where he could rest and just enjoy and where we could attend to his needs properly. And in all honesty, I am doing it, we as a family is doing it whole heartedly. No questions. No hard feelings. We are just happy and glad that we are doings things for him. We are all willing to adjust for him. We are all willing to take drastic changes just to ensure his safety and his comfort.

He has always been a great reminder for me how much I am blessed. How much God has blessed our family. We’ve suffered. I’ve cried buckets before. I counted coins from a tin can just to buy him his medicines. We would skip meals just to make sure that his needs are met first before ours. And all of those has made my family strong and more loving.

On his birthday, we went to Baclaran Church early in the morning. Our whole family attended mass, something we seldom do. I can’t remember the last time we attended mass as a family actually. All of us has strong faith and all of us practice it on our way. But of course, only Boi can bring our family together. He again is the reason why we did it. We’ve decided to go to church and just thank the Lord for our wonderful blessing. For our little angel. And we decided to do it as a family. We didn’t do anything grand. We just had KFC after. Then prepared some spaghetti and cakes and ice creams for the rest of our family. It was a happy day for him and I can see that. It was a happy day for my family as well.

I am just praying for more years with him. His condition is very special and most of the time, the doctors would tell us that we should prepare ourselves for the worst. But I am not worried. I was never worried. He was loved. And I know that he feels it. That for me is enough. And I think, that is enough for him to want to live longer and share his years with us.

Happy Happy Happy 8th Birthday my baby Boi! My lucky charm. My source of happiness. You are so much loved. Thank you for making me a strong woman. Thank you for never failing to take away my pains and my stress. Thank you for always making me smile. Thank you for teaching me how to appreciate the little things. Thank you for making me a girl bursting with positivity. Thank you for making our family tight and loving. Thank you baby for all your smiles and beautiful eyes. You are loved. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you but I do. At first I thought only a mother’s love is the greatest. But you have proven to me that a sister’s love could be greater.

I Love You Baby! Mimi Ate will always be here for you. I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I promise. Mwah!


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