A Very Happy Christmas Everyone!

This is what I wore on Christmas day. I watched One More Try at the Lucky Chinatown Mall with my sister, my cousin and her friend. It was a girl’s day out and it was fun! :)
And also, please say hello to my new hair!! I had it trimmed and treated and colored. Do you guys love it? This is my first post with my new hair. Hahahaha…It’s still a bit dry and I’m doing something about it already. I hate that I let my hair suffer this long. Super kawawa sya. Haaaaayy! I will never do it again to my poor hair.
I opted for this floral shorts that my sister and I bought in Divisoria. We wore matching shorts actually. I love wearing matching outfits with my sister. It reminds me of the old times. When we were little, my mother would usually buy matching outfit for us to avoid quarrels. Although we are 6 yrs apart, my mother still made sure that she love us equally. So imagine me wearing an outfit made for 6yr olds when I was already 12. =))
Anyway, its okay since I was always small for my age. So people still think I’m 7 when I was actually 12! And back then, I really don’t care. I’m super late bloomer. While my classmates are going gaga over their crushes, I am going gaga over my books. And I still believe that Jose Rizal is my first ever crush because I used to read his life story as a kid. As in yung college Rizal book ng Tito ko, dun ako natutong magbasa.
Since I’m wearing floral shorts, I matched it with a gray top. The top is very casual and very comfy. Perfect for a day at the mall. Though I hate the fact that I left my scarf at home because its freezing at the cinema.
I added some splashes of colors on my outfit via my salmon pink belt and red high-cut sneakers. I got the colors from the floral prints of my shorts and it worked so well. I really love dressing up. And I love how much little details could affect your entire look.
Again, I went minimalistic on my accessories. Those cute drop earrings are to die for! I love it really. And my cutie skull ring is another cute detail. It gives that rocker vibe on my look and compliments my high cut sneakers so well. I choose the colors of the bangles I wear and make sure that the colors are already present on my outfit to make it look polished. And oh! Do you love my beaded bag? You might think its too formal for a day at the mall but I really think its perfect. It dressed up my look a little and is really a nice touch.
I need to mention as well my colorful nail polish c/o my cousin. Hahahaha.. Pink and Blue combination is so cute! Lakas maka-teeny bopper ng polish ko and aylabhet!
I asked my cousin to take my outfit shot that day and I guess we had too much fun. We end up cam-whoring hence the gazillion photos in this post. Hahahaha! Sorry naman!
I am not really very confident in wearing high-cut sneakers. Feeling ko lakas maka-pandak eh! Please let me know what you think of my sneakers. Na-carry ko ba? Hahahaha! O wag ko ng uulitin at ipamigay ko na si sneakers? Please please let me know. Though I think its fine. Do you guys agree? Hahahaha..
And of course, here’s another Paparazzi shot! :) I think I’m loving the Paparazzi shots more and more. Hahahaha.. Yung isa mukha akong naliligaw sa kakahanap ng bahay ng ninong ko and the other one was like “hey! don’t take my pictures!”. Yay! Artista lang?
20121225_145455-horzGray Top: From my sister | Floral Shorts: Divisoria | High-Cut Sneakers: Zoo York | Black Beaded Clutch: Thrifted | Earrings: Divisoria | Skull Ring: Quiapo | Bangles: Divisoria | Slim Belt: G Gozum

I wish all had a great Christmas! Now we are a few days away from New Year! Any resolutions? Hahaha.. I am so excited for 2013! Yay! I got myself something huge! As in! I’m so excited to let you all know about it pero tsaka nalang. Pag medyo okay na ang lahat. I really am so excited.



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