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This is another super duper late blog post! I am such an efficient blogger I’m telling you. You gotta love me for that. ;)
Anyway, my team went to Vikings last August to celebrate our Fiscal Year End. We usually have this out of town team buildings but they opt for a very intimate dinner with loads of food. I have been hearing about how great Vikings is and even tried to dine there last May for my birthday celebration but we failed to secure a reservation. They are that big!
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So I was so glad when I heard that I could finally try it out with my friends. Though I still wish I’m with G.p on this food trip.
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And so the place is humongous. The moment we entered the restaurant and saw tables after tables of food made me giddy. Nakita ko palang yung mga pagkain busog na ko. They are wonderfully presented and each looks yummy. Nung nag-ikot na kami, nalula talaga ako sa dami ng food choices. I don’t know what to get first and what to try first. Definitely, visiting them once won’t be enough. I can’t wait to go back!
Sushi and Maki heaven! This is actually my first stop. I so love sushi and maki that I made sure to get atleast one of each. Kaso after nyan, busog na ko. :(

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I am very glad that I have such supportive friends. They let me take pictures while checking out the entire place because they know I need it for my blog. They were all very helpful and would tell me if a specific set up would look good on blog. I am so blessed to have the best team and the best set of friends! \m/
Obviously, the blogger me won over the matakaw me. I end up taking more pictures than food. But can you blame me?! Vikings have everything! Bread, sushi, dimsums, steaks, pizza, pasta, soup. They even have an endless choice in drinks – from beers to iced tea to fruit juices to wine. They also have a wide choice of desserts (which I wasn’t able to try out). Truly a food haven!
I have so many pictures!! :) Told you I opted to take pictures than eat. What actually happened was I end up getting food off my friends’ plates. So in short nakikain ako. Hahahahaha.. I’m just so blessed for having wonderful officemates who understands my passion for blogging. And well, naiintindihan din nilang tamad ako.
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Most of the “plate pictures” that I have here are actually not mine. Since hindi nga ako nakakuha ng food ko masyado. Hahaha!
Buti nalang my friends are very supportive that they allow me to take a photo of their plates first before they eat. Minsan nga nagugulat na lang ako may maglalapag ng plate nila sa harap ko para sa picture before they head out to their respective tables. Sabi sa inyo eh, sweet sila! O baka tinatamad lang i-Instagram ang mga food and they are waiting for me to post it para i-tag nalang nila?! Oo nga no?! Hindi ko agad naisip yun ah! Hahahahaha..
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Of course, no matter how great their presentation is or how wide their food selection, it all boils down to the taste of the food that they serve right? And well, let me tell you that Vikings pass with flying colors. The great thing about what I did (which is eating from others’ plates) is that I was able to taste a lot of their food offer.
I must say that I am a fan of their sushi and maki. I love their Tamago sushi so much. I am such a huge fan of Japanese food and well, Vikings made me a happy girl that night.
Their steaks are also great. You just have to request for them to grill the steak for you and customers are given a wide choice of steaks. I’m not really sure what type my friend got but it was very good. He had it medium rare which I guess is the reason why it was so juicy. Although I must say that I am not a fan of Lamb Steaks. Sorry Mary but your little lamb is not yummy enough for me. Yay!
I haven’t tried most of the dessert but my officemates are all going nuts on their Avocado Ice Cream. I’ll make sure to try it out next time. Though the Puto Bumbong for me is the best and oh! That Chocolate Mousse as well.
All in all, I enjoyed my stay in Vikings. The great food, the wonderful ambiance, the endless food choices, the extremely friendly staff. Everything! I would really go back!


Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 8463888/8464888/8465888


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