Happy Halloween! :)


Today is All Saints Day. Unlike most who’ll be out for a vacay, I’m on staycation once again and is waiting for my family so we could visit our beloved Tatay and Nanay (lolo and lola). I still miss them after so many years specially my Nanay who I love the most. :’( I think today is a perfect day for us to remember all our loved ones. If you can’t visit them at the cemetery because of the overwhelming people, atleast pray for them and light a candle for their souls just so they would know that we remember them. :)


Anyway, posting this look shots of mine since I think they are kinda perfect for Halloween. Agree?! I love my night shots at the Ayala Triangle. I just wish I got a better camera because my photos turned out kinda grainy. But I still love the city lights effect specially against my yellow skirt and red flats. The colors turned out vibrant. Pretty much!


Do you know that my top is actually a jacket? It actually looks a little like our typical bomber jackets or varsity jackets because of the elastic waist and arm band. But this one is made of lighter material and is very wearable even on tropical countries like the Philippines. I also love the ruffles on the chest area which gave the jacket a very feminine look. :)


What do you think of my look? And well, my blurry photos?! Hahaha.. Sorry! I would really try to invest on a better camera and try to learn a couple for look shots to improve my blog photos. For now, bear with my sometimes crappy sometimes ok photos. Love you all guys.





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