Christmas Time


I know that most say that for us Filipinos, our Christmas starts on the first day of the Ber months (September 01 that is). But for me, it really starts right after Halloween or at least right after All Souls Day. That’s the time when you’ll take off all the Halloween decors and replace it with so much light and colors. I think it was the perfect contrast or if you’re someone who thinks deeply of things, it might mean something like… light and colors after the dark times. Wow! I’m being poetic. Now, where does that came from?
Anyway, today is the official lighting of the Ayala Avenue Christmas décor. Every year, those Ayala people make sure that the Ayala Avenue is well lit and is heavily decorated. I remembered years ago when a British client of mine told me that she loves Christmas in the Philippines because of the beautiful Christmas lights that we all over the metro. And I couldn’t agree with her more. Christmas is my favorite season simply because of the beautiful Christmas decors. The colorful Christmas lights and the lanterns and the gigantic Belen all over. Loads of stars and lights and colors and everything I love. I think Christmas is the season that best represents me because I am just as colorful and as lively and star-y as Christmas.
I can’t wait for the Ayala Triangle light and sound show to start up. For the past 2 years I’ve been spending almost every night of my weekdays watching the light and sound show. Kahit paulit-ulit naman sya, hindi ako nagsasawa o napapagod manood. The joy it brings to my heart is unexplainable. Yan lang ang saya ng pagta-trabaho sa Makati eh.
Anyway, sorry for the crappy photos. Hahahaha… Ang hirap naman kasi mag-picture sa gitna ng kalsada. But promise, I liked this year’s décor better than last year’s. Yung last year parang umiiyak eh. Ang sad lang. But this time, although its just white light and no colors, ang lakas maka-happy ng décor. Yey!
Today, I officially start my Christmas Season. Now, where’s my Christmas carol CDs?!!



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