Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow…

I am so addicted to my mustard yellow bodycon skirt! I swear I can wear them with everything. And they easily make every outfit fun and noticeable. I love love LOVE it!
I am also so much inlove with my top. The intricate details at the front is to die for. A perfect mix of glam and classy. I think this black top addiction of mine is going to last long. They just make me look thinner! I also try to stay away from sleeveless top lately because I got too much arms to show but the cut of this top is perfect for it makes my arms look smaller too. Now I am so deeply inlove. Yay!
Because of my black top, I thought adding splashes of colors on my entire look wont hurt. The mustard yellow skirt, the ocean blue heels, those cute green bracelets and ocean blue stud earrings. Colors everywhere really but they just worked. They made my outfit fun and quirky and youthful but so put together.
Them cute cardigans surely made my look more smart and so office-appropriate. I loved that it blends well with my top.
Since its just a small cardigan, it didn’t hide any of those cute details at the front of my top. They also didn’t make my top bulky at all making me look slimmer that I actually am. Opo! Hindi ako payat at inaamin ko yun. But I don’t need to be stick-thin to actually look good in my clothes. Look at Alyanna Martinez, an A-lister celebrity stylist. She is a plus-sized woman who dresses so well. Talbog sa kanya ang karamihan sa mga payat na artista. She looks smart and pretty and very stylish.
Pero hindi naman ako magpapakaplastik para sabihin sa inyong ayokong pumayat. Of course I want to! Not because of anything else but because of health reasons. I want to be healthy and feel healthy. Although I am not overweight but I still feel heavy. Also, I want to tone down my body and remove those flabby tummy and arms so I could dress up more easily. Effort po talagang mag outfit pag mejo ma-braso ka at ma-tyan.
Pero habang hindi ko pa naa-achive ang katawang pangarap ko, I will make sure that I dress the part. I won’t allow myself to be unfashionable and I also won’t try hard to be sexaaaayyy. Kung hindi ka kapayatan, wag nating ipilit ang p*kp*k shorts at tube tops. Parang awa nyo na! Wag na wag din nating ipilit ang tight fitting shirts coz we’ll end up looking like a sack of rice. Again, knowing your body is the key. And knowing what to hide and how to hide them would surely make a huge difference.
IMG_5695Top: Freeway | Skirt: Landmark | Cardigan: Vintage | Heels: Gibi Collection | Studs: Random | Bracelet: Cleaning Out Our Closet by Reigne
I am no fashion expert but I do know a thing or two. I may not look my best always but I always feel good in what I wear. I am super happy dressing up. My sense of style may not be acceptable to everyone but this is who I am. I believe that fashion, like most of the things in the world, is subjective. And I am so glad that I live in a democratic country where I can exercise my fashion democracy.



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