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I totally forgot to take my outfit shot that day because of my insane work. That last project we had totally got me. I was sooooo busy because of the tons of bugs and series of unfortunate events. However, I must admit that I loved the challenge. The endless sleepless nights. The busy schedule. Everything. But I’m so glad to take some time off. Now, I have the chance to blog about this one. (Obviously, this is another late post.) And oh! All my hard works paid off!

Anyway, I dragged my cousin outside our home to take my outfit shot hence the poor photo quality. I’m sorry! I just really wanna share this specific outfit to all of my readers because of two things: (1) the gorgeous hair I’m sporting which I got from fellow blogger Marie and (2) my perfect idea of wearing my top back side up to show the gorgeous knit. Yay!


That’s my gorgeous princess hair. :) Even sissy loved it. It looked like a half braid and is perfect if you want to achieve that sweet princess look. Everyone loved it. And I love that it is sooo easy to do. You can put the hair down like what I did on the above photo (right) or put the rest of the hair in a low bun like I did below. Simple and pretty. Hahaha..


And of course, don’t you just love my top? It sure looked like it was designed that way but actually, it’s a simple racer back top with knit details at the back. I usually wear it on out of town trips or at the beach but I decided to spin it up and make it my sexy top. As I told you on my previous post, I loved pieces that can be worn on different occasions and on different ways. For it’ll make your wardrobe bigger. I know that us girls dilemma are wearing the same pieces again and again. But these days are tough (read: expensive) and repeating your outfit is no longer a major fashion no-no! Even the Duchess of Cambridge are very much into repeating her outfits. The key here is making sure that they don’t look exactly the same. Mix and match. Wear it upside down. Wear a bandeau as a skirt or a top. The possibilities are endless really.


Another thing, I’m still very much addicted on my Php60 sandals. Hahaha.. :) You can wear them with almost any outfit. I swear! They are my gem. I could hoard like hundreds and can think of countless ways to wear them.

That’s another fashion tip from me. Please please please don’t ever think that fashion has a price tag. Yes! Expensive items makes dressing up easy but you have to bear in mind that not because you are wearing signature brands mean that you look darn good. I know tons of people who wear branded clothes and looked like a tank of Shellane (now Solane LPG according to Eugene Domingo. Nyahaha). But I know some people who wear divisoria items and yet looked so classy.

The trick is know your body. If you have big arms like me, hide them with cardigans and jackets. If you have big legs, wear dark bottoms and please don’t wear shorty shorts! If you are petite, show your legs more and don’t ever think that pedal pushers look good with your gladiator sandals! If you have big tummy, don’t be shy to wear corsets. They are so in right now and even some sexy girls wear them. And please, don’t wear sky high heels if you can’t carry them. I know they are darn good but if you can’t walk properly with them, please ditch the idea. Or at least start with wedges. They are much easier to walk around with. Even I can’t walk with my stilettos on the pavement of Makati. I only wear them on the comforts of our office carpets. Nyahaha..


Grey Racerback Top with Knit details: Coco Cabana | Skirt: DIVIDED by H&M | Cardigans: Random from Divisoria | Black Cami: Victoria’s Secret (worn under the top) | Jelly Sandals: Random | Earrings: Random

So how’s your weekend guys?! :) So far I spent mine sleeping and catching up on tv series. I hope everyone’s getting a very relaxing weekend. A well deserved rest for everyone. Have fun!




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