Review: Tiktik - the Aswang Chronicles (2012)

tiktik the aswang chronicles

The second G.p saw the movie poster of this film, she told me already that we’re gonna watch it. Well, we’ve watch movies without seeing the trailer first countless of time already so it wasn’t a first. But it was the first time she wanted to watch something after just seeing the poster and without even knowing the actors. So to the creator of their movie posters, a big KUDOS to you. And I must agree that it was great – artistically created and can really make you want to see the movie behind the poster.

The movie is actually great. It was comedr-horror (if you consider seeing loads of aswang horror) with loads of action. The script I must say is wonderfully written. I mean, it was realistic and really shows the actual character of the film. Though of course the “Boy Bawang” scenes are super weird and very unrealistic. But well, it adds up to the comedic factor and I must agree it was actuually hilarious though corny (kornik?). Keri na naman! It was a Filipino film intended for Filipino audiences so palong-palo ang Boy Bawang as panlaban sa aswang! Dabah?!

The actors are also great. That Dingdong character really pissed the sh*t out of me. Kakabwiset sa kayabangan yung gwapong taga-Maynila na si Dingdong! Pero nakakakilig din sya. Nyaharhar.. Even Lovi Poe who I don’t usually like did a wonderful job here. That scene with armalite is superb. Imagine buntis na uma-armalite ng half na aswang? Oh dabah! Asteeeeegg!

The kid is hilarious specially on the last fighting scene where he went out with loads of Boy Bawang and sumpit. Pinoy na pinoy talaga. Imagine? Sumpit! Kung namamatay lng sa sago ang aswang feeling ko sago ang gagamitin nun para mas masaya. Joey Marquez and Ramon Bautista both did great in portraying their respective character. Both are hilarious! Specially that Joey Marquez scene where he eats the heart of the aswang, naiyak ako sa katatawa. They made Tiktik more of comedy than horror. And thus made it bearable for me to watch. Hindi ko lang kinaya yung mga dugo at kainan ng puso pero in fairness nakakatawa sya.

But most of all, the one thing that really made this film exceptional is the fact that it was created with high-def videos. We watched it in 2D and you could really tell the big difference. The only other local films with video quality as good as this are Rosario and Asiong Salonga. Tiktik made it on the list as 3rd. I hope to see more of this on local films. I’m glad that it seems like they do invest on their cameras and special effects now. Clap! Clap!

Also the special effects are great. There a couple of hit and miss or semi-obvious effects but it was acceptable and bearable. I see those even in high budget Hollywood films. I heard they shot it entirely in a studio and I must say that it was one hell of work. Building the house, the army camp, the forest – WOW! And this only proves how great they are on the effects. Double KUDOS!

Please watch this film guys if haven’t yet!! Let’s appreciate this kind of film para naman sipagin silang gumawa ng mas maraming ganitong pelikula. Para naman hindi puro mistress ang peg ng top-grossing films natin. Actually, I’m getting sick of those mistress films. Wala na bang iba?! Char!

How’s your weekend guys? I’m still kinda sick and I’m still on meds but I’m getting better. Tummy not wonky anymore. Yay! Hope you had a blast and nice rest.





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