Review: This Guy’s In Love With You Mare (2012)


Another Vice Ganda film!!! Hahaha.. I am a huge fan of this guy simply because he loves his craft. He also sound smart and is very much real. Well, of course that’s just my opinion based on his interviews and the way I see him on tv. I don’t know him personally but I have so much respect on gay people since I grew up surrounded by them. And sometimes, as what Gloc9 says “mas lalaki pa sa lalaki and bakla” and I honestly believe that.

Alright, back to the movie. I really made sure I catch it with G.p! :) I am now officially a movie lover. Yay! We have influenced each other so much. Because she is now a certified bookworm. Hahahaha.. The tables have turned. I am now the one who always drags her to the cinema and she is the one who drags me to the bookstores. :-D

Oh I’m blabbing again. No!

Anyway, the movie is hilarious. In a Vice Ganda way I mean. And the addition of Luis Manzano who is equally funny and Toni Gonzaga who has also proven her prowess in comedy are perfect. Toni is soooo funny in this film. I swear! I don’t know with the other movie critics but I really loved it. I mean, I went to the cinema expecting to laugh and see Vice and Toni and Luis do their stuff and they delivered . With flying colors.

The story is okay though I wished Luis acts more like a villain and Toni and Vice end up together but I guess since they are expecting kids to watch the film, they made it more kid-friendly by having a more positive storyline which is actually great. :) If you think about it. So I guess that storyline is better than mine. Nyay!

Another thing to note is that I had a super duper crush on Sam Milby! I know he has been around for ages and people are really so into him and he’s on that list of good-looking men together with Papa P but I never really find him gwapo. I always wonder what girls see in him because he is so not my type. But gee! He is uber gwapo in this film. Specially that scene where he saves Vice on that river. My gosh! Laglag panty. Kaloka! He is gwapo to the highest level. Kalurks!

Alright! So you guys, support Filipino film and watch this movie. Go ahead! Don’t miss it and have a great laugh.




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