Review: A Secret Affair (2012)


Another local film that’s getting so much hype. I mean, it’s another Anne-Derek film for crying out loud. Very No Other Woman ang peg! I don’t know what’s with mistresses lately, they are everywhere!!

Oh well. I’ve mentioned it on twitter that I was really disappointed on this film. :’( Its not worth all the hype and definitely not worth my 200 bucks.

The storyline is soooo poor! It was slow-paced at the beginning and then it just doesn’t make sense anymore. And what’s with the “virginity” thing on Andi’s character? Oh gosh! Come on! Are you trying to say that the reason why Andi can’t let go of Derek is because he was the first man in her life?! It was so lame. I swear.

The movie is trying so hard to be sensual but failed miserably. I cringed at that scene where Andi was telling Anne how she and Derek did it. I understand why it was there but the execution is uber fail! I mean, I don’t know if they are trying to be artistic or just plain sensual. I don’t know, maybe Andi just can’t deliver. That is of course my prerogative. If you think otherwise, well then, good. :)

At higit sa lahat para saan yung twitter, FB and iMessage thingy?! It’s like they are trying to create an artistic film and then out of nowhere they thought of inserting something comic! I just don’t get get get it! I mean, its just not funny. I don’t wanna say this but I find the entire film jologs.

I saw on a friend’s FB post that he overhears people from the cinema saying that Andi, Anne and Derek’s characters are speaking in english too much. Which I guess is true and which I find okay considering that my friend is right – that the characters they portray are those of socialites who parties all night and is friends with Tim Yap for crying out loud. BUT, if that is the case then I was thinking that the target audience of this film are those on the upper working class who can comprehend and understand their lifestyle right? BUT WHY MAKE A JOLOGS FILM intended for the upper working class?! I would understand kung pang-masa ang pelikula. At kung pang-masa naman, sana tinagalog nyo para ma-appreciate ng masa! I’m not saying that the “masa” can’t understand english but the conversation overheard by my friend is a proof that they would prefer if the dialogs are in tagalog right? Plus those sosyal friends of Anne and Andi doesn’t look sosyal at all. Hahahaha! I am not sa-shal myself but well, I am not trying to be one. But if I want to be sosyal and watched the film, grabe! Magmumukha akong trying hard pag ginaya ko yung mga friends ni Anne. Epic fail lang ang peg ko nun. Kalurks!

Thank heavens that Anne Curtis has blossomed into one fine actress. And that Derek is a great actor himself. And well, let me add Jacklyn Jose on the roster of this film life-savers. If not for them, malamang wala pa sa kalahati lumabas na ko. Si G.p nga 5minutes palang nung film, ayaw na agad.

I am so easy to please when it comes to films. Pero hindi kinaya ng powers ko to! Anyway, if you think the film is great then well good for you. Atleast you enjoyed your 200 bucks. Anyway, this is just my personal assessment of the film. This is my own prerogative and I don’t expect all of you to agree with me. :-P Hayaan nyo nalang ako please. Blog ko naman to eh. Nyahahaha.. Ayoko naman magsinungaling diba? :) Love you all. Mwah!





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