Review: Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)


After reading the book, we went to the nearest cinema to catch this film. I have been hearing about it since last year because Emma Watson (my very dear Hermione Granger) is going to play one of the lead roles. So even before reading the book, I was already excited for the movie. More like excited to see Emma play other character. I have always regarded her as Hermione so seeing her on another movie made me giddy.

I read on some blogs that they loved the film. And those people who actually said it, read the book! It is quite rare. Usually, people would go “The book is so much better! They didn’t give it justice.” or “They could have included my favorite scene. Can’t believe its not there.”. I know because I say most of those.

That’s also one of the reasons why I got myself a copy of the book and read it first before watching. I want to know what they were talking about. The silly girl in me. Always curious.

So what’s my verdict? All I can say is that it’s a totally different experience. Sure! The film is so much like the book but different in some ways. They give much detail on some scene that are quite vague on the book. They change some minor details which made the film exciting and much easier to relate to. I am just sad that they didn’t feature my favorite song of all time, LANDSLIDE by Fleetwood Mac. I was so excited to hear it but I guess they didn’t think it fits the film. :’(

The actors are wonderful. Ezra, Logan and Emma are just perfect. They are all perfect for the role and has given much life to the characters. Emma has blossomed into a woman and an actress waaaaaayyy beyond imaginable. I was awed. She’s just gorgeous. Oh gosh!

This is that kind movie that is artfully created and executed. That kind of movie that is worthy of an Oscars. You go there and watch it because its an art. You appreciate the script and musical score and the cinematography and story line and those sorts that we usually hear on the awards night. I am no film expert but I have watched tons of movies and appreciate each based on what they are created for. I can say that this film is created to be an art worthy to be a thesis if you are studying film.

If you haven’t watched it, please do so. This is something you shouldn’t miss. I know nowadays movies are created for entertainment and for some specific target audience. But this one reminds us that above all the hype and the money involved and the limelight -  movie is a form of art. Worthy to be appreciated and treasured.

Have a fun week ahead guys. We are halfway there. Yay!


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