Review: Of All The Things

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack! Miss me?! Yay! I missed you all too. Oh the joys of blogging. My life is soooo blue without it. :(

To those of you who follow me on twitter/instagram (Not?! Then what the hell are you waiting for? Follow me @reigningstill!) you would know that my dear lappy went on a vacay at the Acer service center. I had a couple of hiccups fixed and he was away for 11 freakin’ days and I miss him soooo much. So now that he is back expect some flooding of blogs. Alright?! :) Bear with me please!

Anyway, for my welcome back blog – let me discuss the last movie I watched with my dear G.p. We watched Of All The Things at the Lucky Chinatown Mall last Sunday. I loved the cinema there. Oh it’s sooo cozy and comfy and very pandak-friendly. Yay! I love love love it there.

Sooooooooo… as I was saying, we watched the movie because I am a great Regine fan. I remembered waaay back in college when Regine is the Queen of Valentine movies. Me and my friends (@DahWanderer) would spend our valentine watching a Regine movie and we would all be kilig. With or without jowa, kami kami lang magkaka-date noon. Oh how I miss those times. We are so grown up now. I miss my college life. Darn!

Alright, back to Regine, I love this movie as well. Its light and very much Regine in every way. It’s funny and a little dramatic and mostly kilig. Just the right blend for a relaxing weekend. Although it is not something that you would remember and make you all giddy unlike those JL films but I believe that this film is just right for those who wanted a feel good, light movie.

Of All The Things


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