Review: KXP (Kulinarya Experience)

I was starving one night after work and after my Mom duties (Those who knew me from work would know what I mean and guys let me clarify, I am not a mother yet!), I asked G.p if we can have dinner. She has been eyeing KXP for quite some time now but didn’t had the chance to try it until that night. And I’m so glad we did!

We both ordered Roast Beef with Cheesy Potato. The roast beef though is soooo not like the one on the menu. When they served it, I was like, hmmmm?! This is it?! As in?! It looked like pork but well, it tasted like beef. Hahaha.. (Reminds me of that radio commercial)

Though we both loved it anyway. The beef is tender and juicy. The cheesy potatos are yummy and complimented the beef well. Though I hope they served buttered veggies instead of the common mixed veggies. And I hope they serve generous amount of veggies because I love them. Hahahaha..

from s3 1068Roast Beef with Cheesy Potatoes and Mixed Veggies (Php 195)

G.p also got me some soup because she knows how much I love them as starters especially if I’m really starving. It just prepares my tummy so I won’t have that nasty gastritis attack. And is perfect to warm up one’s stomach.

from s3 1071Cream of Veg Soup (Php 60)

But our favorite really is their Iced Tea! Swear! It’s unique and simply yummy. We initially ordered one glass and planned to share but since we liked it, we order another glass. Hihihi.. I hope they had it on bottomless. Promise! Malulugi sila smen. Or pupunta ko dun just for the iced tea. Hahahah..

from s3 1064KX Iced Tea

Yay! Overall experience is superb. I think we might come back in the near future.





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