Review: Gerry’s Grill

It’s one of my go-to resto. If I’m craving for some authentic Filipino cuisine, my first choice would always be Gerry’s Grill.

from s3 914

So one Saturday, when G.p and I went to Trinoma to meet up with an online seller and I’m craving for something Filipino, we find ourselves inside Gerry’s Grill.

We started the meal with a hot soup. It was perfect since it was raining that time. We ordered Nido Soup which turned out to be good choice. It was not salty or bland. It was just right and hot enough for my tummy. Even G.p liked it and she’s not very fond of soups.

from s3 918Nido Soup (Php 65)

Instead of ordering our favorite Lechon Kawali, we decided to try something new.

I wanted the Seafood Rice after seeing the photo. Me and my love for seafoods are endless. And I’m glad I did order this one because its definitely a must try! The taste is just right, not too salty nor bland. It has generous amount of seafoods in it too. I can eat it as is and no need for a viand. Though I’m missing one thing – the shrimps! they are missing in action. There are some generous amounts of shrimps on the photo but I cannot see a single one on the plate served to us. Nasan ang hipon ko Gerry?! Nasaan?! Char!

from s3 919Seafood Rice (Php 185)

We also ordered Beef Caserole and matched it with the seafood rice. I loved the melted cheese and beef. It was yummy. The beef is tender and juicy. But what I really enjoyed the most is the cheese. Nyay! I’m nuts for cheese and this one is perfect for me. The combination of cheese, garlic and beef made the dish extraordinary.

from s3 917Beef Caserole (Php 265)

All in all it was fun. I really love Gerry’s Grill and I guess we’ll see each other more often. :) And oh! I took this photos using my Samsung Galaxy S3. I love my phone. I guess I don’t need to carry my digicam anymore. :)





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