Of Stripes and Dots


Oh! My creative juices are running out! :) Can’t even think of a decent blog title. Pity me. Obviously, I’m wearing colorful bold stripes and little dots hence the title. Ang talino ko lang! >:)

Anyhooooo… I actually love love LOVE wearing bodycon skirts. I just feel so sexy in them. Not to mention extra comfy. I know most dread wearing them because, well, first they are not forgiving! Second, some really can’t move in them being so tight and all. But let me share some points on how you can wear those bodycons and actually love it.


First, I said it many times and I’ll say it again and again, KNOW YOUR BODY!

Got big thighs?! Wear bodycon skirts in black or any dark colors to have that slimmer illusion. Also, do not wear shorty skirts for heaven’s sake! Skirts that are a couple of inches above the knee is perfect.


Short legs? Wear mini skirts! :) They make you look taller. Wearing heels won’t hurt as well. If possible, wear nude pumps. They give the illusion of longer legs. And of course, we all know that heels are so sexy you definitely can’t resist.

But if you’re the type who really can’t walk an inch in heels or even wedges then by all means please wear flats. Gold ballet flats is a nice option. Or maybe nude flats also. Those cute jelly flats would look so sexy in bodycons (like what I did here).


Now, tummy issues?! Gosh! I can so much relate I swear! Puson and tyan to the highest level is really a common issue. But pairing your tight bodycon skirt with a nice lose top would definitely solve the problem (like what I did here). They hide your tummy and they are so fashionable. You can eat all you want and never worry. Those bulges won’t be saying hello promise.


A long cardigan is perfect if you are not blessed with a behind as gorgeous as Jennifer Lopez’s (or mine’s for crying out loud!). They hide your butt so people won’t notice them at all. Cardigans and jackets are also great in hiding your other unwanted bulges. Actually, they are my favorite lately. They make dressing up a lot easier. So if you are not hoarding cardigans and blazers and cutie jackets, you better start now because they are your life savers.

blog2blog3blog7blog8Black Dotted Bodycon Skirt (actually a tube top worn as skirt): Vintage | Colorful Striped Top (actually a jacket): MSE | Black Wedges: Greenhills | Drop Earrings: gift from Len | Star Ring: Random

Of course, posture is a key factor. Keep your back straight, stomach in, chest out, sit like a princess and walk like a queen. Most of the time, it’s not all about the clothes but how you wear them. Be confident. Feel pretty.

Girls, if you have it flaunt it! Show your best assets and learn to hide those not so pretty stuff. I hope you learned a couple from me.

I’ll have one more day and it’s the long weekend. I’ll be on staycation so I hope I can blog more. Have fun everyone!





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