blog1** Please don’t mind my wrinkled skirt. I took my outfit shot inside the office after work. And apparently, my skirt is not wrinkle-proof. Hahaha..

There is nothing constant in this world except change. That line is so true and applies to every aspect of life including fashion.

Take me as an example. I used to wear bold striking outfits. I excessorize like there’s no tomorrow. I pile up on things. I do the most silliest and wildest outfit combination. I even wore red pants on my defense way back in college. And has my red printed sheer top to match! Oh ha! Until now my bestfriend can’t get over that look. Swear! Favorite nya yun eh. Hindi kinaya ng powers nya ang mala-Amor Powers kong look sa defense namin. Hahahaha…

But now, I find myself attracted on simple outfits. If a top is too loud, I make sure I wear simple pants or skirt. I go minimalist! My friend Cor (and also my photog) loved my new look. I didn’t really noticed it at first. It was actually her who told me that. I guess, I am more confident now. I think I know how to dress up and know that I look good even with simple outfits. I don’t need to be bold and striking to get noticed. Or maybe I don’t really care if I get noticed at all. Maybe it comes with age and maturity. But whatever. I love my new peg. :)

This outfit is another proof that I have already tamed. No more Laureen Uy look for me. Hahahaha.. By the way, I am not saying that wild outfits are not good. I mean, I believe that if you can carry it with so much confidence, you’ll look gorgeous. Even if you pile up on accessories and paired zebra pants with flower prints. Believe me. You may say it sounds OA but some people can make it work. The joys of fashion and the endless possibilities. Yay!

Alright, on to my outfit now. (Daldal much) I paired my black longsleeved tee with my gray skirt and add a burst of color blue by wearing a thin blue belt and blue drop earrings. The outfit is super simple yet very striking. My skirt actually is like metallic gray so it is already a statement all on its own. I also loved the fact that the longsleeved tee made me look thinner. Yay!

What do you guys think of my look?


** No make up! And please don’t mind my goofy face. Hahaha.. I don’t know why I’m fooling around in this photos.

blog3Black Longsleeved Tee: Gap | Gray Metallic Skirt: Prada | Caged Heels: Gibi Shoes | Blue Belt: Gozum | Blue Drop Earrings: from Len | Star Ring: random


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