Hello Ms. Minchin!


I feel so prim and proper in this look thus the title. :) If you are a 90’s kid you would know who Ms. Minchin is. Just imagine that I’m wearing huge eye glasses instead of my Ray-bans. And oh! Minus the slits. And the kinda short skirt and the kinda open polo. :-P

Yay! Alright! Alright! I’m no Ms. Minchin. Ugh! But this is my closest to prim and proper guys. So never mind the boo-boos ok?! :)


If you do follow me on twitter (not?! Follow me @reigningstill NOW!), this the “sofa look” that I’m tweeting about. Nyahaha.. I know it’s not that obvious on the photos but I swear! If you ever saw me that day and feel the fabric of my clothes, you’d remember your good old sofa at home. :) I mean, corduroy and suede. Diba?! Sofa lang tlga ang peg.


Thank heavens our office AC is on full-blast ‘coz I’d definitely die of heat stroke because of this outfit. Oh the things I’d do for fashion! Really.

Anyway, don’t you just love how the look turned out? I used to think that browns and blacks are so not good together but look at what I came up with?! I look so put together and the colors just matched. Told you I’m trying to make my look simple lately that’s why I stayed out of too much accessories or colors. I just love the pop of color that my yellow belt gave. It adds a little fun on my look. But I stayed on black bag and simple black and silver shoes. Plus that high-bun. To make my look office-approriate. And oh! So my bosses would forget that I am wearing a skirt with thigh-high slits. >:)


I’m so tempted to put on a pair of pearls but I guess that would make my look a little oldies. I still wanna maintain the youthfulness of my outfit so I settled on my favorite hoop earrings with skulls. This pair just screams rock n’ roll! \m/ Don’t you agree?! A perfect balance of business and fun.

blog7Black Long Sleeved Polo: (TBA) | Skirt: Vintage (Random from US) | Yellow Belt: Gozum | Shoes: Bazaar | Bag: Ayla | Foldable Wayfarers: Ray-ban | Earrings: Random | Bow Ring: Random

What do you think of my look? :)

It’s the long weekend guys. I’m on staycation because my baby brother is sick. I need to be on mom duties once again. :)

How about you?!

Some of my friends are out of town and if you are one of them, please stay safe. It’s kinda rainy so drive safely. And don’t forget to take loads of pictures.

Enjoy the rest of your vacay guys.



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