City Lights

I got this cute android app that teaches you how to do basic photography. Just those typical ISO settings and the blah blahs. I applied what I learned when G.p and I took these outfit shots at the Ayala Triangle earlier this week. Oh how I love how it turned out! I swear I won’t get this decent photos if I didn’t fiddle on the settings. Yay!

I really want to improve the pictures in this blog. I know that most doesn’t even bother reading all my rants and everything so I guess decent photos are needed to have more visitors? Or to make sure that visitors do come back?! Oh well!

Anyway, on to my outfit. I’m feeling so simple that day hence the look. For those of you who do follow me on twitter (follow me @reigningstill), you probably know that I’m having chummy tummy this past few days. My tummy goes all wonky on me and I’m really having a hard time. Oh the perks of being sakitin! Kaloka!

And since you all know that I love to dress up when I’m feeling down, I put on some yummy flowers via my cutie skirt. I paired it with a basic gray tee and finish off with simple accessories. I just want to be extra comfy that day so the get up is perfect. I finish off with cutie rubber flats for that extra dose of comfy-ness. Comfy and stylish - what a perfect combination. Extra perfect for the sakiting bata.

Everyone, being sick is never an excuse to look grumpy. Dress up! Look good! And make sure that the world doesn’t even recognize you are hurting inside. Oh why did that sound dramatic?! Oh well, I’m still not feeling well and I’m literally writhing in pain right now. So let me just wish you a great weekend. I’m sure I’ll rest and visit the doctor.

Have a happy Friday!





Don’t you just love the pop of color red via my polish?! It made my look perfect. Really! Yay!


triangle6Printed Canvess Skirt: Naf Naf | Gray Basic Tee: Mango | Rubber Flats: Random | Necklace: Random | Ribbon Ring: Random | Blue Pearl Earrings: Random




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