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As promised to my ever loyal reader and my bestfriend, here’s my take on the much hyped and very much in demand beauty must have – the BB Cream! This one is gonna be a little lengthy though but I hope you’d take time to read and learn a little. :-P

I have been using BB cream since April. I know! I know! Why only post it now?! Oh well, maybe because I really want to make sure that I share to you an honest review. Like what I’ve mentioned on my Dove Shampoo review, most product seemed to work only for a couple of weeks before it’ll go all wonky and do the nasty stuff.

I have been using Maybelline’s powder foundation in Honey ever since I learned how to use a compact powder because it’s very affordable and looked good on my skin. And most specially, I don’t get the nasty zits which I would frequently experience on other powder foundations that I’ve tried.

Though I have a couple of issues with it! First is that I look like a ghost on pictures every time I use it. I swear! Even if I had it on my face for four hours already, I still look ghostly. Chinchansu ang peg! Also, its kinda flaky. I kinda have a dry skin and those dry skins tends to be obvious when I use it. What I would usually do is I’ll dab a little moisturizer on my face after putting on the foundation. Lakas kasi maka-tulo laway ng peg eh!

Another fave of mine is the Shiseido powder foundation. Though this one is a little pricey but has way better coverage than Maybelline. But like Maybelline, I also appear ghostly on pictures especially if they are using flash. This too tend be flaky but is far more better than Maybelline.

Why am I telling you all those stuffs? Because those are the reasons why I did the big switch. After weeks and weeks of research, I found out that BB cream is the best thing that you can use to your face. I am a great believer of quality foundation. You must treat those uneven skin tone. And I was awed by the fact that most women claim to gain that much sought after “glow” on their skin and face upon using BB cream.

BB cream stands for blemish balm cream. Apparently, it is the secret of Korean actresses for that healthy-looking, porcelain skin. (Information I got from Wikipedia.) Most of the fashion bloggers I follow switched to BB cream as well. It’s such a big hype back then. Len and I spent weeks of research, blog review reading and trials before we came up with the following brands…

Maybelline’s Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer - The first BB cream I ever bought. I thought, since their foundation worked for me, I might as well try this one.

What I liked about Maybelline is the dewy finish. I told you I have super dry skin so having dewy face kinda appeals to me. My face looked moisturized and healthy. I also liked the coverage. It lessens the darkness of my freckles and eye bags. And it doesn’t give me the dreadful zits even if I have it on face the whole day. Also, it is long lasting. I only have to put it once in the morning and it would last the whole day. No need to retouch. And most of all, it is so affordable. I think it costs less than Php300!

However, it took longer to set in. I have read on some blogs that there are some BB cream that needs ample time before it sets in your face. At first you’d kinda look weird and ghostly but after some time, it’ll blend naturally on your skin tone. Maybelline is one of them. That’s why I have to put it before I leave the house so by the time I reached the office, it has already set in and I no longer look pale and ghostly. Also, it tends to make my face oily. At first I kinda liked it since as I’ve told you, I have a dry skin so having an oily face is alien to me and I kinda liked the feeling. It felt soft to touch. But after some time, I hate it already. It felt so yucky. My friends with oily skin type didn’t like it at all since it made their face too oily, worst than ever.

I guess this BB cream is intended for very dry skin types. They are the ones that would benefit the most on this brand.

maybelline-clear-smooth-8-in-1jpeg** Photo grabbed from this site.

Etude House BB cream – I read on some blogs that this is one of the best BB cream. I didn’t buy this one but I was able to try it out since I have an officemate who got herself one. This BB cream has way better coverage than Maybelline. It seemed to make my freckles vanish in an instant. Also, this doesn’t take long to set in and is not as oily as Maybelline. But it doesn’t blend naturally on my face. It has a whitish finish which doesn’t match my skin color. Being a morena, I need a BB cream that would blend well with my complexion. And most of all, it is kinda expensive. It cost less than Php1000 which I think is not worth it.

This BB cream is perfect for normal skin and someone with fair complexion. Though I think they have different tint on Etude House but I wasn’t able to try it.

etude**Photo grabbed from this site.

Lovely Me:Ex by The Face Shop – This is the one! My destiny! :) We found it at The Face Shop while I was checking out the much more expensive versions of their BB cream collection. I just tried it out and was amazed at how natural looking my skin is after applying the cream. Actually, it instantly disappears on my face and I can put as much as I want without looking ghostly. It doesn’t have that much coverage compared to Maybelline and Etude but I really don’t care because the cream was able to hide a little of my unwanted discoloration. And in fairness naman sakin, hindi naman ganun ka-chaka ang fez ko. I actually loved the fact that my freckles are still kinda visible after applying this cream. When you look closely you’ll see the natural color of my face but it surely looked better. I wish I have a better camera. I could post a before and after photo. Kaso waley! Tyaga nalang kayo sa kwento. Promise naman hindi kwentong barbero yun. Nyay!

This BB cream also gives me that natural looking glow that I so wanted. It doesn’t have that much dewy finish but my face looked moisturized and healthy after putting this cream. I also loved the fact that I don’t have to wait until is sets in because it blends naturally on my skin right after applying a generous amount on my face.

This BB cream is also long lasting. I only need to put some on my face in the morning and it would usually last me through the day. No need to retouch. I also loved the fact that I don’t need to use a moisturizer and sunblock because of this product. It moisturizes my skin and hides all the unwanted blemishes in a natural looking way.

This is ideal for normal to dry skin and for people who doesn’t need much coverage. Dapat wala masyadong ganap sa fez like me. This is for girls who just wanted a little glow. And by the way, the best thing about this product is that it is so cheap! It only costs around Php350 at The Face Shop. Eto ata pinakamura dun. Yay!

faceshop** Photo grabbed from this site.

Tea Tree Oil-Free BB Cream by The Face Shop – I didn’t use this one but I am mentioning it here because for me, this is the best for oily skin type. My friend Len has super oily skin, which is actually one of her problem areas. This BB cream is the perfect one for her. Actually, it was recommended by the Face Shop ladies. I love that it also has that natural finish but a little matte. Perfect for girls with oily skin. Also, it would usually last through the day without oiling up too much. It also provides better coverage. I can attest to that. It could easily replace your foundation because of the coverage and very much matte finish. But it doesn’t look flaky at all. Very natural and very light.

faceshop tea tree** Photo grabbed from this site.

BB creams are perfect. They have a natural finish and doesn’t look ghostly at all. With or without flash I tell you. It is also serves as my moisturizer, concealer, primer and foundation all in one. I also loved the fact that it usually lasts me through the day without retouch. Most of all, achieve ang glowing skin araw araw! My face never looked so natually glowing until I switched to BB creams. Now I don’t need to worry for my flaky foundation and hindi na ko magtatago pag may flash ang camera. I can smile broadly and let my glowing skin do all the talking.

As for my fashion tip on looking for your “the one” BB cream – my take is this, research please! Read reviews. Ask your friends. And most importantly, try it out! When I was looking for my BB cream “the one”, I would usually frequent the mall with a clean bare face. As in nag cleanse ako ng fez. Then I’d look for their trial bottle and would apply some on the left and then apply another brand on the right. But since as I’ve told you BB creams took quite some time to set in (that is also true on foundations), I would walk around the mall for atleast 30 minutes and then check on my face. By that time, the BB cream has set in and has blended on your skin. Then you’d have an idea of the cream’s finish on your face. That’s what we did!

I’ll have a separate post on how to properly apply BB creams and some make up tutorials. Well, not really make up but more on everyday katanggap tanggap fez tutorial. Anyway, I am an IT engineer for crying out loud. I just need to look decent. Nyahahaha..
We are halfway through the week guys! Yey!


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