Review: Total Recall


You want a piece of advice? Well, make sure you got a decent sleep and your mind is well conditioned before watching this film. Because boy! This movie sure gives your brain its well-deserved exercise. You need to give the movie your undivided attention. Do not blink, listen carefully and make sure you pee before the film starts.

If you haven’t watched the film, please stop reading now. Coz I’ll be giving loads of spoilers. I don’t usually do spoilers on my reviews, but I don’t think I can help it this time. Coz until now, I’m still thinking of the why’s and whats-it’s.

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s a Recall or if it’s a Reality. Hahahaha.. Blame my imagination and over-analyzation. @_@ Oh well!

The film started with a little explanation of “The Fall”, the UFB and the Colony. Then that super action packed escape of Colin Farell  and Jessica Biel. Only to find out it was dream of Colin and there we found out that he was actually married to Kate Beckinsale (who I must mentioned looked way too hot for the entire cinema to handle) and is a factory worker in UFB but is living in the Colony. There are some hints and snippets while they are showing this side of Colin’s life that is crucial in understanding the film. Like the mention of Matthias and Hauser (Matthias’ second in command), the Resistance, him mentioning that they seat on the exact same chair for a very long time, his dreams happening on the exact same time as well. Loads of things. Then he went to this establishments that promises to give you false reality by implanting fake memories. Colin opted for the secret agent memory. Though what bothers me is that the Rekall employee who gave him the “fake memories” explicitly mentioned the plot of the film. Actually, the moment the SWAT team arrives on the Rekall area, you would really think that it’s just the Rekall taking effect. If you know what I mean. Right?!

I also noticed that the plots are very much similar. The fight scenes on the stairs. The cabinets on the Rekall area and then at the bank. The hallway scenes. Loads are extremely similar. Maybe it’s just me but well, I still think that all of those are happening on his mind only. :-P Anyway, he went to an establishment who promises to give him exactly that. Though the plot says that him, going to Rekall started all those troubles he encountered. If he didn’t, he’d probably just spend the night with the lovely Kate on his side. But then again, he was dreaming of Jessica so that must mean something right?! I told you, as much as I loved the film, it surely gave my brain loads of exercise. Hahahha..

Go ahead, watch it. See if you’ll notice those that I’ve noticed. @_~ And also, is it just me or those blue lights gave that feeling of “fake memory”? That is if you even noticed it.

But before I end this this blog post, let me just gush over how wonderful Kate is! OMG!!! She is waaaayyy beyond hot. And I‘ve always thought that only Angelina Jolie can pull off an action stunt like that but geez I’m so wrong because Kate proves to be more than just a pretty face. Her actions stunts in these film are awesome. Oh gorgeous Kate. I am awed.


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