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Current LSS. That Christian Bautista version of Afraid for Love to Fade is just awesome. Yay! @_@

Anyway, here’s what I wore on an afternoon weekend date with G.p. We are supposed to watch a film that day but since we have more than an hour to spend before the movie starts, we decided to get a massage on Blind Massage in Robinson’s Ermita. And damn! We had the best massage ever! Blinds are really way better than ordinary spa when it comes to massage. Tanggal lahat ng lamig. Bongga! :)

Manila weather is dreadful. Rain and sun?! Geez! What am I gonna wear right?! So I decided too put on my comfi tutle neck long sleeved top. The fabric of my top is actually soft and comfortable even on sunny days. And then I matched it with my pink plaid shorts and my now fave pink jelly sandal. Yehey!




Oh by the way, I would like to thank Cor for her pasalubong from Bohol! These gorgeous native handbag is from her. My entire outfit is actually based on this baby hence the brown top and plaid short. Oh ha! :)

Also, don’t you just love my handbag S3 case?! Aren’t they the cutest?! I am getting so addicted in dressing up my phone. Hahaha..But I must stop. Not healthy. @_~

And even my polish is very much themed. I love the pop of color that the blue radiates on my look. Lakas maka-bagets ng peg diba?! :)

blog4Brown Long Sleeved Turtle Neck Top: Vintage | Pink Plaid Shorts: BEA | Pink Jelly Sandals: Random | Native Handbag: from Bohol (a gift from Cor) | Red Belt with Skull: Genevieve Gozum | Diamond Bronze Earrings: Vintage


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