Daddy I’m falling for a monster…

Hahahaha..Of course the blog title is not true! My love is an angel. :) But that song is my current LSS. It has been on repeat in my playlist and I spent the entire day yesterday listening to it. As much as I don’t like the lyrics, the beat is soooo catchy. It makes you want to listen to it over and over again.
Alright, enough of blabbering and on to my post. @_@ Yesterday, I wore jeans coz it’s a Friday. I know! You’d probably tell me that I’m the type of person who wore skirts on a dress down day but whatever! I am feeling a little edgy and jeans are the perfect go to outfit. I pair it with my new top in stripes. But here’s the thing, I wore it the other way around. That is, I wore the back part on the front. Hahaha.. The top is supposed to be one of those simple-top-on-the-front-but-hubadera-at-the-back type. But I can’t wear it like that at work. You know, dress codes and everything. I tried wearing cami under but that doesn’t do the trick and so I decided to wear it reversed and boom! I loved how it turned out.
To keep my look classy and simple - I just wore my red belt, red coral cuffs, red ring, red huge framed glasses (for added edgy-ness), pink dangling earrings and of course my pink heels. Red and pink are on the same color palette so they are perfect matchy-matchy. That’s what you call “I’m too lazy to think about my color wheels today”. I kept my accessories to a minimum. That’s my new peg. Minimum accessories. No more excessorizing! That’s me trying to be simple. Nyahaha..
I also curled my hair a bit. Wala lang! Just trying a different look that day. It helps to play on your hair style once in a while instead of sporting the same everyday. Being busy with work is never an excuse to dress up and style up. Naman! As a lady, we should always try to look our best. Lakas maka-feel good nun promise! :)
blog4Jeans: Reborn | Striped Top: BCBGeneration | Pink Cami: NXT | Heels: People are People | Red Belt with Skull: Genevieve Gozum | Earrings: from Len | Huge Red Ring: from my cousing | Red Coral Cuffs: ReigningStill (my online store, please like my page) | Red Framed Huge Glasses: from aM
It’s a weekend and I’m too lazy to get out of my bed. Hahahaha.. I know most of you can relate. Sana lang hindi ganun kainit. :) But either way, I hope you guys are having a great time. I wanna watch a movie. Arrrggghhh…
P.S.: Thanks to my sister, @reyesarvie – for being my photog! I know it’s soooo hot but hey! Thanks! Love mo ko talaga! :)


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