All Shades of Gray


Of course you all know that I just finished reading The 50 Shades Trilogy hence the title of this post. Ang creative ko lang diba?! :)

I wore this on a Friday at work. I love my rakista pair of leggings/jeggings (also worn here). I just love the comfort it brings. I mean, hello?! Plus! I paired it with my uber-large and comfi top for some extra dose of comfi-ness! Lakas maka pajama ng peg. :-P

This is also one of my “I’m-too-lazy-I-don’t-want-to-think-of-matchy-matchy” outfit. Gray leggings + Gray oversized top + Grayish Metal Earrings + Black Cuff + Purple Sneakers. And I’m good to go. Even my hair shouts I’m lazy! Just a high ponytail and it’s all set. Simple but striking and definitely noticeable. Yay!

Manila is having a rainy evening once again. I hope it’s not as bad as the habagat. And I’m also praying for everyone’s safety in Visayas and Mindanao. A strong earthquake just hit the southern part of the Philippines. Really! This is getting scary. But let us all put our faith on that Great Guy up there. His love would always protect us. Have a fun weekend guys. Much love from me.






Gray Oversized Top: Thrifted | Jeggings: Bazaar | Purple Sneakers: SM Department Store | Earrings: Random | Cuff: Random | Galaxy S3 Case: Cath Kidston

Here’s another way to wear this jeggings. A cute polo and a pair of heels made this jeggings look more sophisticated. Do you guys agree?! And I love how totally different these looks are. But I’m wearing the same piece. Details really is the key in dressing up. ^_*

then and now


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