Review: The Wedding (Nicholas Sparks)


I’m such a huge Nicholas Sparks fan! Ever since I read A Walk To Remember way back in 2000 (borrowed from my friend Je) and Message In a Bottle (the first non-textbook I owned and bought from my own money - which is now gone – OMG! I feel like crying again.).

Anywaaaaaayyy, there! As I was saying, I adored this man so much that when he visited Manila for the first time, me and my bookworm bestfriend lined up for hours just to get our books signed! I’m telling you, kahit na si Derek yung andun sa Power Books hindi talaga ako gigising ng maaga at lalong hindi ako pipila. @_@

So when G.p gave me a copy of The Wedding last April, I was soo happy. I haven’t read this one for some reason and G.p keep on telling me how great this book is. I guess the reason why I wasn’t able to read it then is because I would appreciate it more now.

I’m not yet married but I’m in a relationship. And ours is not an easy one. Reading this book made me realize a lot of things. It made me analyze some of the things I seem to forget while in a relationship. The effort. The love. The time.

This book is all about falling inlove all over again. To the same person you fall for 30 years ago. Only Nicholas Sparks can write something as beautiful as this. As touching. I know for a fact why, I listened to him talk and that man I saw months ago know love sooo deep that he can create wonderful stories about them.

I recommend this one for those who want a feel-good book. If you want to fall inlove. Like all his books, you’ll learn a thing or two from this one. And you’d end up smiling after.


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